5000 watt electric bike: Fastest electric bike around?

Fastest Electric Bike

What is the fastest you can pedal on a bicycle? And is a 5000 watt Electric Bike need of the hour?  Recently even a 1000 watt electric bike was considered as very powerful and questions were raised whether it is a street legal bike or not.

Today however leading to increasing demands for fast electric bikes – manufacturers are designing 5000 watt electric bikes – to bikes featuring 10000 watt hub motors.

Every manufacturer wants the badge of “fastest electric bike” on his shoulders. Recently Luna Cycle – famous name in the electric bike industry launched their flagship model – Luna 5000w Rhino Cargo – a rhino electric bike!

Today a 5000 watt electric bike like the EBike Beach Cruiser – might be the fastest electric bike on roads. But it is not far that 8000 watts and 10000 watts e bikes become the new future.

Ebike Beach Cruiser - 5000 watt electric bike
Ebike Beach Cruiser – A 5000 watt electric bike

Not long ago a decent two wheeler speeding 25 miles per hour was considered as a bike for adults.

Today electrically powered bikes allow you to clock 60 miles per hour which is 100 kilometers per hour! Even a 4 wheeler at 60 miles per hour is considered fast.

Riders enjoy the thrill that comes with speed – but the thrill and joy that a fast electric bike provides – does not compensate for safety.

Safety is a major concern when a rider dreams to ride on the fastest electric bike ever created. E Bike accident statistics are on a rise with several accidents being reported every year. Bicycle accidents in Amsterdam soar to new heights in the previous year with NL Times reporting “More cyclists than motorists killed in Netherlands traffic accidents”!

We recommend that you fairly invest in your health by buying some good cycling protective gears before setting your foot on any high power vehicles.

To prevent unsafe measures while riding fast and powerful ebikes like a 5000 watt electric bike – “Electric Bike Classes” and “e bike laws” are formed.

Electric Bikes are classified according on their speeds and when talking about 5000 watt electric bikes one needs to understand the class in which this kind of bike falls in – and whether it is street legal or not.

We have extensively covered EBike classes – later in the post. Before that we have reviewed some very good 5000 watt electric bike conversion kits. And then the post reviews the two most powerful and economic 5000 watt electric bikes you can invest in.

5000 watt electric bike conversion kit

A 5000 watt electric bike costs! And it costs heavily. A better alternative for you is to convert your existing electric bike into a 5000 watt vehicle.

Branded E-bikes are quite expensive compared to the kits that you can get and install. Several conversion kits are available for you to choose from.

We have linked a few below. Check out these pages if you really want to get over some real powerful engine.

Best 5000 watt electric bikes

Ebike Beach Cruiser – Specialized Electric Mountain Bike

EBike Beach Cruiser The 5000 Watt Electric Bike
EBike Beach Cruiser The 5000 Watt Electric Bike

If you are looking for a 3000 Watt to 8000 watt specialized bike than this Ebike Beach Cruiser is supposedly the best model available in the market for you.

Crafted with tough durable material,  a double-wall aluminum alloy rim and designed to suit 20 to 50 years age group – the bike is worth the dollars.

Many buyers tag this Ebike Beach Cruiser as a “military electric bike”. Let us look at this machine in detail.

You can choose this Ebike Beach Cruiser between two available sizes –

a 750 C TFT Display and

a SW 900 LCD Display.

Further you can choose the style too. However all the styles come with a wheel Size of 26″x 2.6 and a 12g spoke. And with watts ranging from 3000 to 8000 – you need wide tires like these.

All the variants have superior quality braking systems with DH hub (support disc brake) available. 

Ebike Beach Cruiser is available in 3 colors – White, Black and Red – with Black being the most popular. Some buyers also name the black version of this bike as the “black mustang ebike”.

5000 Watt Electric Bike - EBike Beach Cruiser Tires
5000 Watt Electric Bike – EBike Beach Cruiser Tires

Ebike Beach Cruiser is available in 4 styles

1 – 48 volts 3000 watts + 29 ah Samsung lithium cell battery

This variant consists of a 3000W brushless gearless hub motor with a 60 Ampere controller. Of all 3000 bikes (a 3000 Watt bike) this is a good option to look out for.

You can reach 50-55 km/h with this variant on the Ebike Beach Cruiser. Costing around 3000 dollars – for this bike you pay a dollar for a watt – which is not very expensive.

The motor is pretty strong – with a rated torque of 45 N./M and a maximum torque of 85N./M. The battery is also good and is quite compatible with 3000 Watts motor.

The bike features a 7 speed gear freewheel, increasing the stability of the bike and offering several speed options.

2 – 72 volts 3000 watts + 26 a Samsung lithium cell battery

You can make out the difference between this variant and the one discussed above. It differs in volts and battery’s amps. The volts are higher – featuring 72 volts than the 48 volts variant but the battery takes a step down, reduced to 26 amps than 29 amps.

The motor watts remain the same – so what does watts, volts and amps mean in relation to this variant of the bike.

Higher volts in this Ebike Beach Cruiser variant increases the motor’s and the battery’s performance. Voltage of a battery indicates how much potential is in a battery, although potential does not indicate the energy percentage a battery or a motor will put in.

So a 3000 watts motor having 72 volts will maximally utilize the amps of the battery and watts of the motor. This will increase the speed, the performance and overall charge of the motor.

And this is why this variant has a high speed of 70 km/h – higher than 55 km/h which is the maximum capacity of 48 volts model.

So if you are basically going for Ebike Beach Cruiser 3000 bike (a 3000 Watt bike) – you have two options – a 72 volts and a 48 volts variant.

The price is reasonable for both the models – with 72 volts costing some extra dollars. But if you want higher speed and a better performance than go for the 72 volts. And if you want a long lasting bike then go with the 48 volts one.

5000 Watt Electric Bike Parts
5000 Watt Electric Bike Parts

Check prices and ratings on Amazon

3 – 72 volts 5000 watts + 40 ah Panasonic lithium cell battery

Now that you know some basics about the relationship between volts amps and watts – you know how much energy a 5000 watts can provide this variant of the ebike beach cruiser.

Watts has increased from 3000 to 5000 and this makes the motor a lot durable and very powerful.

The motor is a brushless and gearless hub motor with 80 A Max controller. All these features will make riding difficult terrains very easy. Mountain biking can be fun and effortless with 5000 watts of power.

Higher volts and Higher amps again increases the longevity of the bike’s electrical charge. You can go miles on a single charge, and even save time charging the battery.

This variant features the same 7 speed gear freewheel and the motor has a rated torque of 50N./M and a maximum torque of 100N./M which is responsible for better speed options and enhanced control over the bike.

However if you want higher speeds than this variant offers almost the same speed as the 3000 watts bike. You can reach an average of 70 km/h – sometimes a little above average.

The motor will increase the pickup and the overall ride’s performance but if you want higher speed with this than go for the 8000w electric bike.

Check prices and ratings on Amazon

4 – 72 volts 8000 watts (150a Sine-wave controller) + 40 ah Panasonic lithium cell battery

This 8000 watts variant is the real deal. It features a 8000W brushless gearless hub motor with a 150 A Max programmable sine-wave controller.

This bike is not just for riding on difficult terrains rather it is a mountain climbing bike! It can lead the charts for “best bikes for trail riding”!

Rated Torque for this bike is 80N./M with a Max Torque of 125N./M. This and the sine-wave controller both increases the stability of the bike and enhances its on road performance. Twists and Turns and braking becomes easy and the rider gets more control over the bike.

5000 Watt Electric Bike Headlight and Other Accessories

The speed is amazing where you can reach cruising speeds of 90-100 km/h!. This is almost the speed of a high power railways passenger locomotive.

The volts and the amperes are apt for the high watts – although we would advise you to carry an extra battery – if you are going in distant and remote zones.

The only disappointment with this variant is that it features a single speed gear freewheel. Although other parts of the bike compensates for speed gears but with these high watts you always need high speed gears.

5000 Watt Electric Bike Breaking System and Other Accessories
5000 Watt Electric Bike Breaking System and Other Accessories

Check prices and ratings on Amazon

Ebike Beach Cruiser Price

One of the biggest advantage is fair pricing of the bike. With so many watts and pro features – the bike does not cost a fortune. 3000 watts to 8000 watts this ebike beach cruiser is available in the range of 3050 to 4699 dollars.

If you go for cyclone 7500w – even the kit costs you around 800 dollars! And hence if you want a long lasting product, which is fast and durable and has all the good quality features and satisfactory reviews than this is a very good product for you.

Check prices and ratings here on Amazon

Ebike Beach Cruiser - 5000 Watt Electric Bike
Ebike Beach Cruiser – 5000 Watt Electric Bike

Electric Bike Classes

Class 1: Pedal Assist

Class 1 or Pedal Assist bikes are the ones – in which the electric mode is activated only when the rider pedals. The electric mode activation sensors usually located in the bottom bracket or rear wheel – senses riders pedal movement or pedal torque. Depending on these movements it switches the electric mode or or off.

Class 1 bikes are relatively the slowest. In United States a street legal electric bike of class 1 requires to have a motor powered speed of 20 mph (32 kph) with motor wattage of <= 750 watts.

UK electric bike law – allows a maximum of 15 mph (25 kph) with motor wattage <= 250 watts.

Pedal Assist Bike or an E-Bicycle
Pedal Assist Bike or an EBike-Bicycle

We call an ebike of class 1 as an “ebike bicycle” or a “no license bike” = because there are not much differences between an ebike of this category and a regular non electric bicycle.

Because of slow speeds and pedaling being compulsory – the laws for an ebike and a bicycle are same and one can use these ebikes on streets, bike lanes, on and off roads, multi-use bike paths and does not require any special permission or an ebike license.

Class 2: Throttle On Demand

When electric motor is activated by using a throttle – the bike falls in Class 2. Throttle can be a grip-twist, a button or a trigger. Sometimes the motor is activated by pedaling action same an in class 1 ebikes.

In United States a street legal electric bike of class 2 requires to have a motor powered speed of 20 mph (32 kph) with motor wattage of <= 750 watts – the same as in class 1.

This type is very common in the States. It is still a “ebike bicycle” or a “no license bike” and can be ridden on streets, bike lanes and multi-use bike paths.

However UK electric bike law differs. In some parts of Europe these bikes are considered as a motor vehicle and hence you cannot use them on roads without license. In the parts where it is allowed the maximum speed is limited to 15 mph (25 kph) with motor wattage <= 250 watts as with Class 1.

Throttle On Demand Bike with Specifications
Throttle On Demand Bike with Specifications

Class 3: Speed Pedelec

The motor in a class 3 ebike is activated by pedaling action – same as in a class 1 bike. However, there is an important difference. Pedal Assistance is used to reach high speeds in Speed Pedelec bikes.

In United States a street legal electric bike of class 3 requires to have a motor powered speed of ~28 mph (~45 kph) and motor wattage of <= 750 watts. They are more commonly searched as an “electric bike 28 mph”.

A class 3 ebike is considered as a slow bike and a “no license bike” but are restricted to roads, adjacent bike lanes or on private property.

Speed Pedelec Fast Bike
Speed Pedelec Fast Bike

In some parts of United States – class 2 and class 3 ebikes falls under the same category – where a throttle is used to activate the electric motor and human propelling used to reach high speeds. Even the manufacturers produce bikes having both the system.

UK bike laws are don’t categorize class 2 and class 3 ebikes together. In some European Nations a class 3 ebike is considered a motor vehicle and requires special licensing.

Some nations even ask to carry an identification plate at the rear of the bike. Generally in Europe one the use of speed pedelecs are limited to roads or private property.

Throttles are less common in Europe – so the manufacturers only offer pedal assistance in most Class 3 electric bikes Even the maximum speed is generally limited to ~28 mph (~45 kph).

Class 4: Moped or Motorcycle

Electric Bikes having top speeds above 28 mph (45 kph) and/or featuring a 750 watt electric motor (or more than 750 watts) are considered as Motorcycles globally.

To drive an electric bike or a Motorcycle of this kind – you will require licensing and registration. The riding terrains are also limited to certain off roads regions.

To start the electric motor there are two options – through pedaling or through throttle. Pedaling might be the major difference in moped vs ebike or e scooter vs e bike classifications. An ebike necessarily has pedals while the later doesn’t require one.

A 5000 Watt Electric Bike
A 5000 Watt Electric Bike

These ebikes do not fall under the “street legal electric bike” category, however Americans commonly use them inappropriately. The ratio of a street legal electric bike on US soil is less than an illegal electric bike.

You will  observe a lot many Americans riding these without licensing or insurance and on infrastructure reserved for bicycles such as paths and mountain bike trails.

The legal actions as per the US Law for illegal electric bike riding, is the same as it is for driving a gas powered motorcycle or car – and does not confines to fine only.

EBike Classes
E Bike Classes – Infograph

E Bike Rules and BPSA

According to e bike rules mentioned in PL 107-319 ebikes with <= 750 watts of power and top speeds of <= 20mph are categorized as bicycles. The trails and allowed geographical places are not mentioned in the law.

The place of use is generally determined at the state of local level – for example if you want to know whether – a type 3 e bike is allowed or not on public commutes or highways in California you will have to look for “Electric bike laws California”.

The introduction of classes has made the legislature easy for US cities and states and has improved the safety measures for the commuters. The Bicycle Products Suppliers Association (BPSA – initially they introduced the classes system in USA) are trying to create a model legislation to guide states further.

Their initial goal is to create some consistency – on the place (roads and trails) of use of ebikes in multiple geographies across America.

E Bike Rules according to US States
E Bike Rules according to US States

Specialized Electric Mountain Bike

Mostly powerful bikes having 1000 Watt to 2000 Watt motors – comes under the category of Mountain Bikes or Cruiser Bikes. But a 5000 Watt Bike can be termed as a “specialized electric mountain bike”.


By specialization we mean that these bikes are manufactures by some leading manufacturers – by using cutting-edge technologies. These producers largely emphasizes on customizing the motor tune in accordance to the intended ride experience.


One of the most important thing to consider in these specialized bikes is traction – the grip of a tire on a road. When we look at trail experiences then Traction is the most important factor to consider.

Traction is essential to the motor’s tune as well. If the motor is too powerful, then the traction is lost. And if the motor is too passive, the performance of the bike is degraded.

For this reason – Tires, shock-ups and suspensions in these specialized bikes are not the ones commonly installed in other mountain bikes.


Second important consideration is the weight of a mountain bike. On an average, road bikes for adults, weigh around 18-26 pounds. On the other hand an Average mountain bike weight is around 30 pounds.

As the motor’s watt increases the weight also takes an upward graph. So to customize weight in a specialized electric mountain bike is very important.

The overall frame should be mostly high end Aluminum or Duralumin – a hard, light alloy of aluminium with copper and other elements. Both aluminum and Duralumin are less in weight and hard on performance.

To make these specialized bikes – more popular and user friendly – the consumers are allowed to customize their ride and bike as much as they want.

These bikes come with apps designed just for that particular model of the bike – which provides them turn-by-turn navigation and access to customizable route building which automatically adjusts your motor and battery output.

Consumers can upload their rides statistics on social media and track their performances. They can tune the motor while biking to maximize the battery autonomy. And the overall health system – (including even the expiry of the tires) – of the bike can be monitored on these apps.


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