Best Hybrid Bikes Under 200 – Best Hybrid Bikes for the money

Best Hybrid Bikes for the Money

When we talk about Hybrid Bikes under 200 dollars we are targeting bikes manufactured on a very tight budget. This means the manufacturers must have maximized every dollar to put forth bikes costing 60% to 80% less compared to the average prices and manufactured best hybrid bikes for the money.

Type “best hybrid bikes under 500” or “best hybrid bikes under 300”  and you will get a load of results. Ideally, bikes in the $700 to $900 possess all the robust technical features while those between $150 and $350 would only have the standard ones.

And hence you need to search a lot before purchasing a good hybrid bike anywhere under 500. But this post targets best hybrid bikes under 200! The first question is – is there any hybrid bike ever manufactured which you can get in this price. And the answer is “yes”.

There are bikes under 200 dollars which are engineered – utilizing every penny. Although they have standard features, they have the best ones. And from the huge mess of bikes advertising out themselves as the best hybrids under 200 dollars, we have selected a few and reviewed them.

These 5 bikes have  been personally attended by the’s team, so every word in the review is a personal experience.

1 – Best Hybrid Bike Under 200 – Schwinn Wayfarer

Schwinn Wayfarer Review

If we ever wanted to define Schwinn Wayfarer we will quote it as “an adaptable, versatile, and hard wearing bike, ideal either on the road or on the gravel trail”

If you are a beginner to riding bikes – go for this very popular model. Schwinn Wayfarer is a hybrid cum commuter bike and is the very basic model but has all the necessary features. Its popularity can be judged by the number of customer reviews available online for this bike.

Schwinn Wayfarer Built

The body of Wayfarer Hybrid Bike is made up of Schwinn steel retro city frame with coordinating fenders which gives it a sturdy and strong built. The frame is custom built which and is durable enough to handle weight of two grown-ups, and that is why an additional sitting rack made up of chromed steel is provided at the rear end of the bike. You can get this baby on a rough ride too – as the strong frame alloys you to handle wear and tears and even scratch marks!

Schwinn Wayfarer comes with flat handlebars and a short top tube and tall head tube to provide a relaxed body posture and an upright riding position. This allows a better control over the bike and proper vision of the road ahead. Most importantly the upright posture while riding results in no neck and shoulders pain, which is very common in heavy weight mountain bikes.

Schwinn Wayfarer Gears and Tires

7-speed shifters and Schwinn rear derailleur provides a lot of speed and acceleration control in your hands. Schwinn brand shifters and derailleur are too much for the price that you are paying for the bike. All the heavily priced bikes too have Schwinn brand 7 speed shifter and derailleur.

700 c sturdy tires in Schwinn Wayfarer are great to handle speed on roads and even on highways. Light rims and spokes on the wheel structure provide further acceleration. Additionally the width of these tires allows a firm grip on rocky and hilly rising surfaces.

Schwinn Wayfarer Color

The overall built and color options give it a vintage look. The bike is available in three colors – Black, Navy and Blue. Navy is the least expensive, and Blue the most – but the price difference between all the three colors is meager. And definitely you can afford a blue Schwinn Wayfarer with 20 to 30 extra dollars.

Negative Publicity

Although Schwinn is a trusted and a well known brand in bike market – this bike has received a lot of bad mouths too because of its low price. There are a lot of suspects of inferior quality products because it is priced so low. Customers are not able to digest that 200 dollars can give you a good bike.

But don’t worry if you come across any such reviews for Schwinn Wayfarer – because we here at have already tested this material. And to define this bikes quality in one line is to say – Schwinn and Schwinn Bikes delivers their promises.

Schwinn Wayfarer Price

All the three variants have a great discount just now on and the blue one comes with a Limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike. So if you are planning to buy an economy bike for you this is actually a best hybrid bike under 200 for yourself. Click the link below and buy a two wheel convenient and affordable bike for yourself.

Schwinn Men’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Wayfarer Technical Information

Height – Top to Bottom: 43-inch

Diameter: 700

Depth – Front to Back: 70-inch

Width – Side to Side: 25.5-inch

Product Weight: 44 lbs.

Frame Material: Steel

Frame Color: Silver

2 – Best Hybrid Bike Under 200 – Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle

Schwinn Discover Review

The other alternatively popular Hybrid Bike by Schwinn Bikes is its “Schwinn Discover”. They have sold more than tens of thousands of pieces of Schwinn Discover because of its universal commuting approach -, be it for leisure, school or office work it’s just perfect on this bike.

Before we give you a short synopsis about it – we want you to know that Schwinn Discover is a little above 200 bucks and secondly it is just for men. So basically this bike falls under the category of “Best Hybrid Bikes under 300”. But the positive point in buying it now is that Amazon is offering a 14% discount on its original price and a 10 dollars flat discount on the assembly.

You can click here to know more about its pricing policies.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle

Schwinn Discover Built

Built using aluminum city frame – the bike has a strong body. Aluminum provides it with durability and makes it lighter too. Schwinn Discover comes with anatomic grips with dual density construction. The adjustable stem with back sweep and upright handlebar and the padded seat – makes your ride even more comfortable and your sitting position a lot convenient. It can easily carry two full grown-ups and that is why it comes with a built in rack and a sport seat.

Tube length dimensions are as follows:

Seat tube to top – 18.25 inches or 46 millimeter;

Ground to Front horizontal bar – 28.25 inches or 72 millimeter

Tube Size: 700 x 35c

A Schwinn Discover also comes with fenders at the back to keep the dirt off from you. The fenders are made up of plastic and that is one of the flaws that we come across while examining the bike.

Schwinn Discover Breaks

The bike comes with Promax brand linear pull brakes with twist shifter and compatible 4 finger brake levers. The Suspension fork and alloy crank both are Schwinn manufactured. The suspensions in Schwinn Discover are good to absorb shocks leaving a really nice smooth ride especially on concrete surface.

Schwinn Discover Gearing System

The bike is equipped with a 21-speed SRAM grip shifter and Shimano rear derailleur. This makes it very strong when we are talking about riding it in hilly areas or rising roads. You can pedal a Schwinn Discover with ease at these surfaces which opens up the options of adventurous off-road rides and trips.

Secondly if you are new to riding bikes this type of gear system is highly recommended, because of its ease of operation and smooth braking experience.

Schwinn Discover Design

This bike is ideal for young college going students as well as office goers. The design is hybrid too – which means it has both – traditional and sporty look. Black color with grey patches which has “discover” inscribed looks just classy with a latter day look.

Schwinn Bikes have always put up a good show in design segment of their bikes. And Schwinn Wayfarer and Schwinn Discover both display a pretty decent look.

Pros and Cons

A Schwinn Bike at this price is its greatest positive. It’s easy on your pockets and no doubt that Schwinn Discover will last long.

The only issue which we will bring to your notice is the Assembly manual.

Generally it should take maximum 20 minutes to assemble if the manual would have been precise and to the point. But it is not so. At it took us around 40 minutes to set it up. So if you are going for it – either assemble it by watching a tutorial from YouTube or visit a local bike store near-by.

Other than the assembly problem Schwinn Discover is a hit. You can get an idea about its popularity by the comments and likes it has on Amazon. So go for it if you are planning to buy one for yourself.

Click here to book one.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle

Schwinn Discover Product Details

–Weight: 46 pounds or approximately 21 kilograms
– Dimensions: 70 inches x 25.5 inches x 43 inches
– Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 pounds or approximately 114 kilograms
– Lowest Seat Setting: 36.25 inches

3 – Best Hybrid Bike Under 200 – ORKAN Mountain Bike from ORKAN Bikes

ORKAN Mountain Bike from ORKAN BikesIf you are looking for bikes costing fewer than 200 dollars and are on a very tight budget – than here is our selection for you – Orkan Mountain Bike. Dont worry it is a Hybrid Bike commonly referred as Orkan Mountain Bike. This ranks third in best hybrid bikes under 200.

Orkan Bikes are very popular and have established themselves as an “economic cost bike’s manufacturer”. The company “Orkan Bikes” has produced many mtbs’s and folding bikes – which are mostly in the under 200 dollars range. Check for Orkan Bikes Review on google to find some good comments about this company.

Orkan’s reinforced Hybrid bike – is actually popular as “Orkan mountain bike. Because of its design many take this as not a hybrid bike. We will name this as Orkan Mountain Bike in this post as it is commonly known.

But this bike is a neat effort in its Orkan Bikes collection. And the best thing about it is that it is designed as men+women bike – which means one bike, is ideal for a couple.  But we would not advise this bike for those who are above 40 years, because of its very young look.

Orkan Mountain Bike Built

“HI-TEN MTB frame makes it sturdy and durable. But overall it’s a very light weight – weighing just 20 kg (44 LBs) – bike which means it is ideal to be ridden by a single rider. It does not have an extra seat at the back – which is a clear indication that it is not designed to support weight of an additional commuter.

The approximate size of the bike is 60” x 32”.The design is Ergonomic which makes it super adjustable and convenient. The seat height is adjustable which means you can position according to your comfort.

Orkan Mountain Bike Gears

The bike comes installed with Shimano 18 – speed drive-train derailleur. The derailleur transfers power from the pedals to the wheels more efficiently so you can cycle for longer periods of time, even on uphill planes. The gears give the rider a lot of options to ride from and more importantly enhances the bikes climbing up and climbing down abilities.

Orkan Mountain Bike Breaks

The Power steel v-brakes provide braking stability to the 26” tires. Further it has a front suspension system and a 26” suspension steel fork which makes the bike easy to ride and easy to stop in any situation. The suspension system minimizes the vibrations and handles the unevenness of the surface of roads.

Orkan Mountain Bike Looks

The overall anatomy of the bike lends it a pretty sporty look. What amazes us its availability in various colors. The bike is available in different colors – but a shade of black is common in all – which gives it a sporty plus formal look.

The color options are – black and red, black and green, blue and black and red and black. All the model are the same considering the price factor, except for the red and black variant which costs 13 dollars extra than other models.

The color options and very low price makes it a perfect choice for college going teenagers and adults.

If you buy it now from Amazon you will get an additional 5% discount, so effectively the price will be around 130 dollars! Buy it from the link below.

Of all the bikes reviewed above we would definitely recommend you to go with this bike because of the advanced features it offers. This bike has got a complete modern look too unlike the other bikes which highlighted more of a traditional look. Although you should take into account that this is not as popular as the Schwinn bikes reviewed earlier, mostly because of their brand name. Get it by clicking the link below.

ORKAN Mountain Bike

4 – Best Hybrid Bike Under 200 – Kent Northwoods Sprigdale

Northwoods Sprigdale

If you are looking for a quality bike from a trusted brand – Northwoods Springdale is one other product other than the above two Schwinn Bikes. This bike too has a huge fan following and a lot of consumers have given it a thumbs up. It ranks fourth in the list of best hybrid bikes under 200.

Northwoods Springdale Built

The bike supports a strong built and the frame is lightweight hand crafted aluminum. It is a strong product and is ideal enough for two persons, and for this reason it has a rear rack too. The rack is also a good option if you want to carry some stuff around.

The overall size of a Northwoods Springdale is ideal for 5.4 to more than 6 inches height men.

Northwoods Springdale Gears and Brakes

It features a Shimano Tourney 21 speed rear derailleur which is more powerful than the Orkan 18 speed derailleur. The gears, chain-set enhances the bikes ability when you are on the difficult terrains like mountains or dusty unpaved roads.

But to be true Northwoods Springdale – gear and tire wise – cannot support full mountain terrain drives. Once in a while it can handle but over access to these types of terrains might result in a lot of wear and tear of the tires and other parts.

A lot of reviewers have complained about problems in shifting gears – well actually the shifting is not a problem – the problem is in the manual as it does not properly describe the shifting process. You can watch a video on how to shift gears on this bike and once you know the trick you will not find it as an issue.

Northwoods Springdale comes installed with linear pull brakes which are a good combination to the gears quality. It would have been ideal if Kent would have provided disc brakes which are essential in highway rides. As for the front shocks they are great! They respond well to speed bumps, curb jumping, and uneven road providing maximum control of the handle bars.

Northwoods Springdale Tires

If you know hybrid bikes you must know the importance of tires in them. Basically tires are one of the major differences between a mtb and a city bike. This hybrid – the springdale comes with 700c tires which definitely makes the ride very comfortable on many different terrains.

You might think that the tires are a bit narrow in comparison to the other 900c tires, but the good thing is that they are very strong and holds the ground tightly, and have a firm grip.

But remember our view remains the same that over exposure on difficult terrains might leave a Northwoods Springdale all torn up!

Secondly the alloy rims are also strong. It is surprising how a 199 dollars bike encompasses alloys and aluminum, which shows that a lot of cost accountancy has been taken into account while manufacturing this Northwoods Springdale Bike.

Pros and Cons

No doubt Northwoods Springdale is a quality bike with a lot of consumers good reviews so you can go ahead and purchase it right away. The price is also a fix 199 dollars, which means, you will not be tricked for colors and sizes to pay more.

However it has experienced a lot of bad mouthing too, for example a lot of buyers have complained about the fitting of the pedals and that the fenders are not a perfect alignment to the wheel and frame.

However we here at had a detailed inspection about the bike and its parts and found it at par. But more the reviews, more the bad publicity and negative comments! So basically the consumer’s complaints can be due to their negligence in proper taking care of the bike too.

But one thing for certain that you have to given to the consumers is the instruction manual. Some say that it is complete garbage. And we support the consumers here. The manual is actually a no help.

Northwoods Springdale Design

Northwoods Springdale is a beautifully crafted bike in black color with the brand name and product name in golden stickers. The brown seat cover and handle bars blend perfectly with the clack and golden. The bike features a more dominant traditional and mature look. But it is a hybrid! You can ride it on most of the terrains you like, be it city commuting or recreational mountain rides. Buy it by clicking the link below.

Kent Northwoods Sprigdale

5 – Best Hybrid Bike Under 200 – Bavel Bike

Bavel BikeThe last as a best hybrid bike under 300 is a Bavel Bike known as Bavel Commuter. You heard it right – it is an under 300 dollars hybrid bike but the reason it is under the heading best hybrid bike under 200 – is because you just have to pay 20 dollars above 200!

Although this bike has been advertised as a road bike – you can ideally use it on difficult terrains too. The wheels installed in this one are pretty sturdy and can do a lot of Hybrid’s Bike work.

But go for this bike if you are majorly riding on roads. If you want something for a lot of recreational purpose, choose one from the two of the above mentioned Schwinn Bikes.

Bavel Bike Built

The bike has an Aluminum frame, which makes it sturdy and more importantly very lightweight. You will be surprised that the bike weighs just 27.3 LBS or 12.3 kg, which makes it easy to carry around too. Although it has a negative aspect too – and that is you will not be able to ride it with an additional person sitting at the rear post.

The bike is available in three sizes, which make it the perfect choice for a variety of people. Anyone between 5’0 and above (till 7.0) can ride this Bavel Bike with convenience. The sizes are 48, 51 and 54 centimeters. 48 centimeter is in the below 200 dollars range whereas the other two sizes are in the below 300 dollars range.

The wheels of this bike have an edge over the wheels of most 500 dollars bike. The bike comes with Quick-Release Front and Rear Wheels and Pro-wheel Crank Set.

Bavel Bike Gears and Breaks

Shimano EF-500 shifter and Shimano derailleur and freewheel gives this Bavel Bike perfect power while accelerating and decelerating, It is surprising how Bavel budgeted the branded derailleur to fit in a less than 200 dollars bike.

The second good thing is the break. Unlike the bikes reviewed earlier in this post – this bike comes with a Disc Brake. Disc Brakes come with a better braking system, and provide sudden stops possible.

The biggest advantage is the simple assembly process. Unlike the other hybrids – this bike comes with an assembly guide which explains everything in detail. And the overall assembly is simple on hands, which means you will not need a bike mechanic to do it, saving you some dollars.

The bike is available in two colors – black + blue and white + blue. Both the colors are pretty appealing, but for males we will suggest the black variant.

Pros and Cons

The only con that we find in this bike is that the sporty look of this product demands a high speed – but as it is not an electric bike it will not cover a lot of distance per hour for you.

However there are some very important pros of buying this bike.

Firstly it is one if the best hybrid bikes bike under 300 bike which has got almost all the supreme features like disc brake and quick release wheels.

Secondly in order to guarantee the quality, the company provides a 500-meter riding test before packaging and shipping. You can order this product by clicking the link below.

Bavel Bike Commuter

Bavel Bike Product Description

Frame: Strong and Light weight Aluminum Frame
Fork: 700C x 23C Aluminum fork
Size:700C x 48/51/54CM(C-T) (From B.B center to seat tube top end)
Front Derailleur: Shimano TZ-30
Rear Derailleur: Shimano TY300
Shifters: Shimano EF-500
Brakes: Disc Brake
Freewheel: Shimano TZ-21
Rims: Aluminum 6061
Tires: 700x23C
Handlebar: W:600mm D:22.2mm
Seat post: 27.2x250Lx1.4 High carbon steel
Pedals: YH-10X
Stem: 28.6mm X 31.8mm X 90mm
crank set:1/2*3/32*24*34*42* 170L brown chain guard
Spokes:45” Steel  14G*278/280MM
Chain:Z51 1/2“*3/32“*108L brown
Color: Black + white /white + blue /green + white /black + blue

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