Best Motocross Boots for the Money – 5 best Motocross Boots Reviewed

Motocross Boots are the most important apparel you will want to carry while riding your Dirt Bike. And when the question is about your body's protection - then go for the best Motocross Boots for the money available in the market - and do not ever settle for less.

Offroad Biking or MX riding is the riskiest sport. The terrains are generally the most rugged ones. Sharp turns, and huge boulders can easily knock you down from your bike. Even low speed spills hurt badly. And faster the speed - you need better the protection. And for best of protections you need best of Mx Boots.

On a dirt bike - it is essential that you are firmly rooted to every part of the vehicle. And more than any other part - your feet should be glued to the foot rests of your Dirt Bikes.

As the markets for Motocross Boots are booming - and thousands of manufacturers entering the business every day - it is important to choose the best motocross boots for the money - (hardly earned). We - have shortliested some of the Best Motocross Boots for the money - you can choose from - (all ranging from 110 to 200 dollars).

Motocross Boot Buyer’s Guide

The good thing about buying a good pair of Motocross Boot  - is its universality of use. The same pair designed for Dirt Biking and Pit Biking can also be used as a Desert Boot, a GNCC boot, a Baja boot and a GP boot.

This is the reason select once but select wise - because a good pair of Mx Boots will last your life and will be very versatile.

Here are some of the things you need to look for before buying yourself any of the five recommended pairs above.

  • Base Material -
  • Shank (material) -
  • Buckling system -
  • Sole -
  • Weight -

Studying these features before buying any good Bikes Boots are important - for the protection and overall comfort.

On a dirt bike there are four main points of contact - which senses the bikes movements. These four are - your hands, feet inner leg and your back. While riding if any of these four is not properly positioned - or lacks coordination with your motocross bikes movements - then the chances of accidents are the most.

Out of the four - two contact points share the same wear - Motocross Boots. And for this reason sometimes the essentaility of the boots - is considered more than a Motocross Helmet.

Proper feel and fit will improve your riding prowess whereas proper shin, foot-bed, toe and ankle armor will protect you.

Let us look at all MX Boot buying attributes in detail

Base Material - for Moto Cross Boots

The overall material used in the making of Mx Boots is known as Base Material. In a moto cross boot - base material holds key importance. This material makes the overall body and hence definitely affects the quality and the weight of the boot.

A good base material should be very soft on the feel but should be hard defending impacts and blows.

Likewise it should withstand wears and tears and dust and other debris.

An important factor for a Dirt Bike Boot base material is its ability to repel water. Good Base Materials are 100 percent waterproof.

In dirt biking - water holes are common. If the material absorbs water - even a little - then the stability of the foot is at risk. The water will increase the weight of the mx boot too.

Light microfiber is generally considered best for Base Material. It is a strong fiber and flexible too. And most importantly it is hydrophobic.

Shank Material - for Moto Cross Boots

Motocross Boots are not like typical shoes. They have shanks. Shank is the part from the knee to the ankle portion of Mx Boots.

On a dirt bike - more covered you are more protected you are. All the accessories - whether they are dirt bike gloves or dirt bike goggles - all provide maximum cover. Dirt Bike Shoes are no exceptions.

Shank material is the second thing you need to look for before buying good Motocross Boots. Because in any collision or fall - your shank portion is more vulnerable for damages.

Some Motocross Boot manufacturers - install low density metallic or alloy plates in the boots. Steel Plates are the most common. Because steel is low in weight - but has a very high tensile strength.

Some of the recent Motocross Boots - use Thermoplastic polyurethane or (TPU). TPU plates are as strong as steel - and are more flexible. TPU is basically plastic so it decreases the weight of Mx boots as well. And of course TPU plates are more economical.

Alpinestars Tech 3 replaces common steel with TPU - which is one of the reasons for its low cost. Although it is ranked top in the "best motocross boots for the money" category - it costs less than 200 bucks.

Buckling System - for Moto Cross Boots

Like the material and the shank plates - proper buckling system is very important in Dirt Bike Shoes. A single valcro Straps or shoe laces dont work when you are out in the middle of Dirt Bike tracks.

Look for strong buckled up Motocross Boots. A minimum of two strong valcro buckles is a must. More the Valcro Straps - better will be the firmness and grip of the shoes over your feet.

Some premium brand Mx Boots feature metallic adjustable buckles. The buckles have metal inside the fiber. Aluminum is most commonly used.

But remember this is a premium feature and Mx Boots like these cost more than 300 to 400 dollars. Check TCX Comp Evo 2 Michelin Motorcycle Boots - which costs around 500 dollars! Sometimes you get a dirt bike in a lesser price! It is very unlikely to get these features in boots costing 150 dollars.

All the five motocross boots that we have reviewed in this post - are the best in terms of material, shank plates and buckling system (check the . And the best part is that we have made sure that you get premium features in 150 dollars range.

Sole - for Moto Cross Boots

A sole serves comfort in any Motocross Boots or other Motorcycle Boots. Although comfort comes second to safety - it means a lot. More the comfort - more the boots use.

You will never prefer low comfort high protection mx boots. The ratio of protection to comfort should be 60/40 and nothing less.

Metal shoes might be the best protectors on dirt bikes but what is the use when it compensates your pleasure. And it is pleasure, joy and thrill - for which you actually want to pursue dirt biking.

Rubber soles are commonly used and are the best fits. They are durable and suits the feet as well. Sometimes two-colored sole are featured for better grip.

The adhesive is also very important which keeps the sole in place. Look for both - the soles and the glue.

All the five motocross boots reviewed in this article have Multi-layer synthetic rubber soles which are very comfortable.

Polyurethane blend soles are the newest in the motocross boots market. TCX Comp Evo 2 Michelin Motorcycle Boots futures High Wear Resistant Michelin Hybrid Mx Sole. And for soles like these you have to pay dollars in the higher range.

Weight - Moto Cross Boots

Check the weight of the boots before buying them. Appropriate weight for best motocross boots is between 7 pounds to 10 pounds. The Alpinestars Tech 3 are 7.75 pounds weighing just what your feets desire.

Heavy mx boots are not just uncomfortable - they do no offer protection too. You are more likely to lose balance on heavier boots. Even walking with these boots on terrains (other than dirt biking terrains) - for example forests and other recreational places - is uneasy and sometimes painful too.

The above four features which make best motocross boots ultimately affect the weight of the boots. The material used in the boots, shanks, buckling system and the soles makes a good lightweight Dirt Bike Boots.

Below our experts have reviewed five of the "Best Motocross Boots for the Money". They have tried and tested all these and have surfed many human hours in putting forward their assessments.

Alpinestars tech 3 boots - are the best motocross boots in the market. They stormed the internet - the very first week of their release. And till this day - they remain the unbeatable pair of Mx Boots - for dirt bikers.

Alpinestars is a leading brand - specializing motocross and off road biking apparels. Established since 1963 - Alpinestars motocross boots are worn by leading motocross race winners. Roger de Coster won five World Motocross Championships - and he credits these wins to Alpinestars!

They partnerd Honda in the Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup in 2004 - which in itself tells about the brand and how trustworthy Aplinestars products are.

Roger DeCoster branding Alpinestars Motocross equipments

Alpinestars tech 3 boots are one of the tech series shoes manufactured by Alpinestars. Tech series range start from Alpinestars tech 3 boots - then they have tech 5, tech 7, tech 8RS and the latest tech 10.

Although tech 3 by Alpinestars are the oldest of the series - they still lead the sales chart and remain the featured product by the motocross boots manufacturing giant.

Alpinestars have priced Tech 3 - very modestly keeping these Mx boots - always approachable by the masses. Let us analyse these motocross boots in detail for you.

Alpinestars Tech 3 Men's Motocross Boots

Construction and Material - Alpinestars Tech 3

Microfiber and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) are the base materials used in the construction of Tech 3 boots.

Microfiber is similar to leather when you feel. Although Microfiber is more strong and durable than leather. The front and back of the boot, and the upper finishing area features microfiber. These are the areas which require more flexibility and endurance.

Interior of the Boot - Alpinestars Tech 3

The interior of this motocross boots is entirely made up of breathable fabric material. However ankle areas and collar of the boot - have soft foam padding to increase comfort and cushion impacts.

To make the boots water resistant - a synthetic PU gaiter is placed above the fabric. It also prevents mud and dust to reach the inner parts. The gaiter is quite effective and makes this pair good waterproof motocross boots.

Sole of Alpinestars tech 3 is made up of a rubber compound which is exclusive to Apinestars. All their motocross boots soles feature this rubber material. The sole is wonderful and provides a high level of adhesion on all surfaces, offering better control and grip.

Interior of Alpinestars Tech 3

Buckling system - Alpinestars Tech 3

The boot features three replaceable micrometric buckle closures. The closures are made with thermoplastic material which provides hard fastenings.

The shack portion has good quality strong velcro adjustments.

Is Alpinestars Tech 3 a good motocross boot for your money?

Indeed it is. A good brand name and years of customers satisfaction positions it on the very top of Best Motocross boots for the money.

Alpinestars Tech 3 is a complete boot at a very contained price. And the good thing is Tech 3 is also marketed for girls, and is designed to adapt to the female physiognomy.

Tech 3 has received a lot of positive comments for its design and performance. And getting a product like this in 200 dollars - is a best buy.

Get motocross boots - Alpinestars Tech 3 from Amazon by clicking on the link below:

Alpinestars Tech 3 Men's Motocross Boots -

Second in the list of "Best motocross boots for the money" is Cortech Latigo Motorcycle Boots. Cortech is again a branded manufacturer of top quality motorcycle apparels. They are famous for suits, boots and gloves.

This pair of Latigos is a protective and a simple footwear - which is very easy to put on and take off. Five Time Champion Rich Oliver personally puts the Cortech Latigo boot through its paces. Watch the video below of Rich Oliver.

Latigo boots make a good fit and are very flexible making your moves around the bike, shifting gears and using the rear brake pretty easy.

Cortech Latigo Air Street Motocross Boots are available in 2 colors - White and Black. They fit sizes 7 to 14. Let us look at a detailed review of the boots.

Base and Shaft Material - Cortech Latigo Motocross Boots

Cortech uses Mycro Tech vented and perforated fiber as the base material for these Latigos. The fiber has Air Mesh lining on its upper surface which makes air circulation possible. This keeps your feet cool and reduces suffocation.

The boot features leather stretch panels and a TPU shin guard as shaft materials. The panels offer good stretch-ability and the guard is protective enough to stop mud, dust and water particles to get inside.

Cortech Latigo Air Men's Street Bike Motorcycle Boots
Cortech Latigo Air Men's Street Bike Motorcycle Boots

Interior and Buckling System - Cortech Latigo Motocross Boots

The pair offers maximum cushion and comfort from inside. Below are some of the salient features of Cortech Latigo:

  • A Vented Thermoplastic polyurethane contour for better heel protection.
  • Extra Soft Pads in the front and rear ankle area.

Latigo Motocross Boots are known for their soles. This pair soles - seem better than the Alpinestars Tech 3. They come with:

  • VR two-colored sole for reliable grip.
  • Shock absorbing latex foam on flex panels
  • And a Pre-formed orthopedic vibration-FBAsorbing foot bed

The locking system is also up to date with an:

  • Zipper covered with adjustable hook-and-loop fastener flap. The zipper has an auto lock system.

The best part of this pair - is its weight. Cortech Latigo weighs 4.55 pounds - making them top the list for some of the best lightweight moto cross boots.

Cortech Latigo Air Men's Street Bike Motorcycle Boots

Is Cortech Latigo Motorcycle Boots worth the Dollars?

These boots come from a reputed manufacturer and are praised for their quality. Like the Alpinestars Tech 3 - these ones are also endorsed by famous Dirt Bikers.

Base materials, shin pad and highly advanced sole makes Cortech Latigo a good buy. The boots come with one year manufacturer guarantee.

Even the weight is just ideal and all men sizes are available. Even the wearing mechanism is super convenient and easy. All these features make Cortech Latigo - rank second in the "Best Motocross Boots for the Money" list.

Click here - Cortech Latigo Motocross Boots - to go to the buying page.

Fly Racing 2020 Maverik Boots
Fly Racing 2020 Maverik Boots

FLY Racing is a committed developer of the quality apparels, accessories for a variety of sports. They specialize however in Dirt Bike accessories and wearing gears.

Fly Racing was launched as a sports accessories manufacturing company in 1998. Since then there best gears are being endorsed by many sports persons.

Fly Racing 2020 Maverik Boots show all the manufacturers hard work and commitment. These motocross boots are designed to perfection and are a bliss to your wallets. Maverik Boots are one of the most economical pair of dirt bike boots out in the market.

Maverik Boots are in the market since a decade and this pair - the Fly Racing 2020 edition is the latest model. It comes with all the upgrades and refurbishments to the previous models. This pair is best for Trail Riding, Dirt Biking and Motocross Racing.

Base and Shaft Material - Maverik Boots

2020 Maverik Boots feature some of best construction materials. Base Material is super soft and breathable. Different parts of the shoe features materials well suited for that part.

  • The Inner ankle panel is made of high quality plastic which is very flexible for ankle movements.
  • An Articulated rear ankle panel made of the same material helps bending of the foot - and is very soft.

The shin is made up of 3D molded plastic - which offers hard resistance and added comfort.

This plastic is pre-shaped to suit the shin area and is fitted with grooves and texture. These make the boot resistant to early wear and tears.

Other than the shin - An Elastic gaiter is also put forward in the 2020 version. The gaiter provides a comfortable rim around calf and also protects the inside of the boots from debris, dust and rain.

The boot comes with a Rubber heat shield which heat resistant and won't melt in hot sandy terrains.

Fly Racing 2020 Maverik Boots

Sole and Buckles - Maverik Boots

As these are the just released Dirt Bike shoes by Fly Racing - you will get all the latest technological developments in Maverik 2020.

The boots come with 2 soles - a midsole and an outsole. Midsole is a one-piece plastic injected 'fish tail' made.

Outsole features a rubber compound which makes grip on the boot more firm. The outsole given the motocross boots a modern stylish look .

Maverik Motocross Boots come with adjustable quick-lock buckles. They are very intact and perfectly grasps the foot. The Youth Version of the 2020 Maverik Boots have 2 inches shorter buckles - than the Adult Boots.

Overall the buckles will give you a solid feel. The open design in the buckling mechanism keeps dirt from clogging the function.

Are Maverik 2020 - one of the Best Motocross Boots for the Money

These are the latest boots - and hence comes with all the technological robust features. The brand is also trustworthy.

All the material that we reviewed - make this pair stand apart from the rest. You get these features in the Alpinestars Tech 3 - and you pay 60 dollars extra if you go with Alpinestars.

The price, latest features,. all sizes and 4 attractive colors - do make the Fly Racing 2020 Maverik Boots one of the best motocross boots for the money.

You can go to the buying page by clicking on the link below.

Click here to go to the buying page of Fly Racing 2020 Motocross Boots.

The fourth in the list of "Best Motocross Boots for the Money" - is the very famous Fox Comp and Motocross Boots. And before we present the review - let us announce one thing early on. The photo displaying STONE color of the Fox Racing Comp Boots remains one of the most stylish pair of all the Dirt Bikes Boots ever.

Fox claims that they learned many things from their Instinct footwear and developed the Racing Comp Boots. And honestly - these Motocross boots are an actual hit - except for the weight. We will cover the in length review of the boots now.

Base Material and Shaft Material - Fox Comp Boots

If you want a short review about this Boot then Fox describes it best. - "The Comp boot emphasizes fit, coverage and rider control." Their description here is very true.

The shin plate is made up of strong and durable Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plate. The plate has a locking system - for easy on and off - of the boots. On the sides - rubber guards are provided for extra protection.

The boots have a toe cap and calf guard and the bottom surface area is larger than other boots. These give an increased grip and a full coverage for the riders.

For the looks Fox Comp gets 10/10. Black, White and Stone - all three looks fabulous - with Stone being the most in demand. All the men's sizes are available for this pair.

Sole and Buckles - Fox Comp Boots

Fox Comp Boots have an internal lace system. This is an innovative design - in which you lock the boots by pulling the lace. The boots get tightened and you get a precise fit.

Other than the lace - the boot features a lower Instinct buckle and two upper ActiveLock straps.

Comp Boots outsole are made up of high quality water resistant foam rubber. These increase the cushion to the footpegs, and are responsible for a perfect balance of support.

The boot also feature a durable rubber burn and medial guard. Both of these provide excellent grip and feel for the bike.

Are Fox Comp Boots - one of the Best Motocross Boots for the Money

The only issue regarding Fox Comp Motocross Boots - is weight. The boots weigh 6.61 pounds. Although comfortable for dirt bike riders - the weight is heavier than the other 3 boots reviewed in this post.

Other than this the boot has a mixed variety of comments. Some very comfortable with the quality - where as some report to have been subjected to early wears and tears.

We at ordered a pair of Fox Comp Boots from and were very satisfied with its quality and performance.

You can get more details about these boots by clicking the link provided below.

Go to the buying page for Fox Comp Boots by clicking here. 

5# O'Neal Men's Motocross Boots

The fifth in the list is O'Neal's Motocross Boots. These are the most economic good quality boots - that you can buy. Costing lesser than 110 dollars - they are the priced very modestly.

O'Neal is again a good and a trustworthy brand (like the 4 reviewed above). It is known to make some quality motocross apparels at minimized rates and are celebrating 50 years of their launch.

This motocross boots have all the necessary materials - that you will require on the dirt tracks. If you want robust and latest technological features - than select one from the first three pairs reviewed above.

Base Material and Shaft Material - O'Neal Motocross Boots

O'Neal Motocross boots are made up of synthetic leather material - which allows air pass through. The boots feature an air mesh interior and comes with a generous heel support.

These motocross boots has injection plastic protective plates all round. These are to safeguard the riders against impacts and collisions.

The shank is metallic. It is designed to perfectly fit the shank area of the rider. Metal shank although is the reason for the added weight of the boot - it makes the footwear real strong.

O'Neal Motocross boots feature - a heat shied made up of synthetic leather. It protects the rider - controlling body temperature. It also protects the boot's base material from getting overheated.

The fit around the toes, ankles and foot is very perfect. There is a rear pull tab for extra leverage and firm grasp.

All sizes ranging from 7 to 15 are available for these Motocross boots. No 0.5 sizes are made - so go for a whole digit fit.

O'Neal Men's Motocross Boot

Sole and Buckle - O'Neal Motocross Boots

O'Neal boots come with durable welt sole by Goodyear. The sole holds on well in all kinds of terrains and provides maximum cushioning.

A metal toe guard is infused within the sole to protect it against delaminating.

The boots come with four buckle closure system having snap-locks. The closing mechanism offers a firm and tight hold 360 degrees. The buckles are easy to operate and are user friendly.

Note - Replacement straps and buckles are sold separately.

Are O'Neal Boots - one of the best Motocross Boots for the money

if you want something flashy, lightweight and modern - then select from Alpinestars or Fox motocross boots. The boots weigh a minimum of 7.6 pounds - the highest in all 5 boots reviewed here.

However if you want to settle for an economic pair then go for this. It comes from a good and trusted manufacturer and the parts and built is very good. The link to go to the buying page is given below.

Click here to go to the buying page for O'Neal Motocross Boots

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