Brompton vs Dahon: Who is better? (7 point comparison)

Brompton and Dahon are the two leading manufacturers of Electric Folding Bikes. And reviewing Brompton vs Dahon is never an easy task. Both the companies launch several premium electric bikes and folding bikes all over the globe.

In the electric bike world Brompton versus Dahon remains the “clash of titans”.

Brompton vs Dahon

Another leading manufacturer who challenges Brompton and Dahon is “Tern”.

Tern is the manufacturer of the very famous tern electric bikes. After Brompton versus Dahon – Brompton vs Tern remains the hot debate topic among electric bike lovers.

We at have evaluated many Brompton Bikes and Dahon Bikes. Here is a list of stark comparisons that we concluded in the Brompton vs Dahon battle.

Mostly we are going to cite examples from the most famous models of both Brompton and Dahon. For example the Dahon Mariner d7 and its recent upgrade the Dahon Mariner d8 and Dahon speed uno from Dahon Bikes. And Brompton h6r and Brompton m6l from Brompton Bikes.

Brompton vs Dahon: Comparing two bikes

1. Foldability

Generally all electric and non electric bikes can be divided into foldable bikes and non foldable ones. Foldable bikes are generally smaller and lighter to increase their portability.

As the manufacturers focus more on producing foldable bikes or portable bikes – they overlook sturdiness and density. And you need heaviness in the bikes too while riding on the roads!

In the battle of Brompton vs Dahon – portability of a bike comes as the first point of comparison. Brompton is the king of foldable bikes. No one does it better than Brompton when it comes to portable folding bikes.

They spend years of research and a lot of money to manufacture the best folding bikes all over the globe. And among all folding bikes manufacturers – Brompton comes on first position.

Brompton bicycles are known for their self-supporting compact size when stored. Brompton models have the same hinged frame and 16 inch (37×349 mm) bicycle wheel tyre size. 

Try Brompton m6l which is its latest launch to feel the compactness of a folding bike.

Brompton m6l
Brompton m6l Folded

If most of your commutes depend on changing stations, or narrow road ways and if portability is first in your list when buying an electric bike or folding bike – then go with Brompton Folding Bikes. Because Brompton is a definite winner in the best foldable bikes race in Brompton vs Dahon comparison. ِ

Generally Brompton Bikes are very famous among college and school going boys and girls. The compact structure, lighter weight and easy folding mechanism given them some strong reasons to buy a Brompton and not a Dahon.

Even the special folding bike by Dahon The Dahon Fold is quite awkward and clumsy to commute against any Brompton. Even the Dahon Mariner d7 and Dahon speed uno fails in comparison to Brompton h6r and Brompton m6l.

Dahon Speed uno
Dahon Speed uno folded and full bike

2. Quality and Workmanship

The engineering quality of any folding bike is very important. More the folds more the risk of parts getting dislocated. Parts encounters a lot of friction when moving over one another and this can lead to abrasion.

This is where Dahon wins the point against Brompton in the Brompton versus Dahon battle. Dahon produces some quality parts and hence has a superiority and a hold in folding bikes parts market.

Almost all folding bike riders are convinced and satisfied with the engineering and workmanship quality which Dahon Bikes offers. Some like Dahon Bikes sturdy frames, while some praise the fast-release lattice-forged hinge.

Dahon has recently introduced Visegrip technology in Dahon Bikes which has again given it a huge leap in the Dahon vs Brompton battle. Clamps, bolts and other small bicycle accessories and parts can nowhere compete Brompton Bicycles.

Dahon Bikes lasts longer much more than Brompton Bikes. According to some analysts a Dahon Bike lives twice versus a Brompton Bike.

So if you are looking for quality and workmanship than go for a Dahon because without any doubt Dahon wins the second point in the Dahon vs Brompton comparison.

Dahon Mariner d7
Dahon Mariner d7

Some of the best Dahon Bikes are – The popular Vybe D7, Dahon Mariner D7 and Dahon Mariner d8, Dahon Qix D8 smoke, and the Dahon Launch D8 and Dahon speed uno from Dahon Bikes. And Brompton h6r and Brompton m6l . Click on the bike names if you want to know more about these bike in Amazon.

3. Riding Experience

The feel when you mount a bike is an important aspect if you want to select any bike. Riding Experience includes comfort, grip and control of a folding bike while on the roads.

Again Dahon Bikes wins over Brompton Bikes in the Dahon vs Brompton challenge.

Dahon Mariner d8
Dahon Mariner d8 2018 version

As we described earlier Brompton Bikes are small in size. Brompton completely focuses on compactness. Even the tire sizes are fixed to 16 inches in Brompton Bikes. Dahon produces larger bikes in compared to Brompton’s.

Larger the bike, better the grip and comfort. Even tire sizes are 20 inches and larger the tires better the control of the bike on the roads.

Dahon Bikes have all these – so in short one can say that you have a higher risk falling from a Brompton Bike than a Dahon Bike. We have experienced this in Brompton h6r and Brompton m6l. The Dahon Mariner d8 has large tyres and stand firmly on the ground.

Smaller wheels are a concern if you ride on potholed roads or severely bad roads. Small wheels can get a nasty tug if it lands in a hole. And the faster you are – the severe is the damage. Larger wheels although increases the drag – but provides you with safety from tipping over.

This completely overrules a Brompton Bike if you are a new comer to Folding Bikes and Electric Bikes world. It also is risky to hand over Brompton Bikes to small ones.

Dahon Bikes are safer, so you really need to give Dahon a second winning point in the Brompton vs Dahon conflict when talking about riding experience of a folding bike.

Try the popular Dahon Mariner d7 or its new update the Dahon Mariner d8. Both these bikes offer one of the best riding experiences and are best sellers. We also have a post on Dahon Mariner d7 vs Dahon Mariner d8 where you can know more about these bikes.

If you want the verdict in a sentence then go for Dahon Mariner d8. Check the price by clicking on Dahon Mariner d8 here. It has some of the latest robust features and is growing a lot in popularity.

Dahon Mariner d7
Dahon Mariner d7 standing tall

4. Affordable Folding Bikes

Affordable Folding Bikes increases the sales. However advanced mechanism and robust features your Ebike comes with – the most important question while buying is – How much a bike costs?

Today folding bike manufacturers have slashed their production costs to a minimal low. Consumers are looking for best electric bikes under 2000 and some are going low to buy best hybrid bikes under 200.

Read our Sondors Fold Review to know how he the founder of Sondors Fold started to campaign to produce low price folding bikes.

Again Dahon gets full points in producing Affordable Folding Bikes in the Dahon vs Brompton battle. Brompton Bikes are extremely expensive. You can buy 2 or 3 decent Dahon Bikes for the same cost of 1 Brompton!

So basically you can go a long time with Dahon Bikes in whatever budget you have kept aside for Buying Bikes. You can buy a Brompton Bike for one, and at the same cost you can buy Dahon Bikes as a couple!

Hence if you are looking for Affordable Folding Bikes than choose a Dahon against a Brompton. A Dahon Speed uno is for 500 dollars where as Brompton h6r and Brompton m6l both are above 700 dollars.

5. Resale Value of Used Folding Bikes

There is a huge market of used folding bikes. Some leading e-commerce giants are selling used folding bikes on their platforms like Amazon. You will be surprised that Walmart and Amazon arranges “used folding bikes sale” every year! This shows that your folding bike has value.

Dahon Folding Bike has minimal value while a Brompton Folding Bike will give you back almost 40 – 50 percent of your invested dollars. A Brompton Folding bike costs more but also acts as an investment.

A used Brompton folding bike will not leave you empty handed while a used Dahon folding bike does not guarantee much returns.

So Brompton bounces back here in Brompton vs Dahon. A used Brompton bike is much more in demand than a new Brompton bike. And they sell like hot cakes. Although used Dahon bikes also has a market but you need to wait for some time for a consumer to come and buy a used Dahon.

Although if you own a Dahon Mariner d7 or a Dahon Mariner d8 or even a dahon speed uno then the chances and price of resale increases as these are the most popular ones in demand.

Brompton m6l
Brompton m6l

6. Folding Bikes Accessories

This is not a major point when discussing Brompton vs Dahon – but folding bikes accessories – are important as we discuss availability and costs of folding bikes parts.

Accessories for a Dahon Folding Bike costs less, but the problem is that Dahon maintains a huge range and launches several up-gradations for its models. For example the Dahon Mariner d7 and its recent upgrade the Dahon Mariner d8.

More bikes and many models decreases the chances of availability of its accessories as dealers find it difficult to maintain such huge range.

Dahon Mariner d8
Dahon Mariner d8 folded

Besides, the design of Brompton almost doesn’t change over the years, and Brompton maintains a small range so you can easily locate and buy accessories and replacement parts for a Brompton Folding Bike.

So in the folding bikes accessories category both Dahon and Brompton share equal points in Brompton vs Dahon.

7. Theft Proof Bike

As the demand for Resale Value of Used Folding Bikes has increased, folding bikes have become a common commodity thieves target these days.

Although there are many tricks and hacks for how to prevent bike theft – and many companies manufacturing a bike GPS, bike lock, and a bike tracker – but still one can find ways to steal or rob a folding bike.

Brompton Folding Bikes are compact and can be folded to the minimal of any folding bike size. Please see the photos of Brompton h6r and Brompton m6l from Brompton Bikes to know how compact they look when folded.

This makes a Brompton Bike the most vulnerable folding bike for thieves. Lighter Brompton Bikes becomes easy targets.

Second factor which makes a Brompton Folding Bike the first target is the resale value of a used Brompton Bike. A smart thief will choose a commodity which can fetch him good price. And a Brompton Folding Bike can.

A Dahon Folding Bike on the other hand is bulky and comparatively large. So a Dahon Bike by the virtue of its weight and size is a theft proof bike.

Dahon Mariner d8
Dahon Mariner d8 – a heavy weight bike

And secondly Dahon Bikes are not easily acceptable in the market. And even if a thief finds a buyer – he will not get good value for it. So again this works in the favor of Dahon Bikes making their product as theft proof.

If you are living in cramped cities, or in areas where crime rates are high, then a Dahon is safer. The seventh point in Brompton vs Dahon goes in the favor of Dahon’s.

Brompton vs Dahon – Final Verdict

In this whole Brompton vs Dahon comparison analysis there are some important conclusion that we will like to present.

Buy a Brompton Folding Bike

  • If you want a folding bike for short commutes. For a longer journey a Brompton is not favorable.
  • If you prefer multi-modal commuting. That is using several modes of commute on your way to work or any other trip. Carrying a Brompton Folding Bike inside buses and trains is comparatively easy.
  • If you fly frequently within the USA or outside. Again the reason is same – carrying a Brompton Folding Bike inside flights is comparatively easier.
  • If you are buying a folding bike for leisure riding purpose.

Buy a Dahon Folding Bike

  • If your journeys are mostly long and go for Dahon Mariner d8.
  • If you want a folding bike for daily commuting and look for Dahon Mariner d7.
  • If you want a bike to go for your office or work place and buy a dahon speed uno because it is sturdy and stylish.
  • If you actually are not much interested in compactness or portability of a bike like the Brompton h6r and Brompton m6l.
  • If you want to save on some dollars and don’t want to compromise on quality.
A video on how to fold and unfold Dahon Bikes

And remember – Dahon is a bigger manufacturer in comparison to Brompton. Every year a dedicated budget is reserved for R&D for Dahon Folding Bikes.

This makes a Dahon Folding Bike always a better option. The bikes are more advanced in terms of frame, folding mechanism and other technology variations. 

Dahon Speed uno
Dahon Speed uno on the roads

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