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Euromini Campo Rides Big! Campo Euromini – 2019 edition is the latest bike by Zizzo Bikes and has definitely established its stand. The bike has got a large consumer base and some very positive customer reviews. And it definitely surpasses its predecessor – Euromini Campo 2018.

Euromini Campo 2019 - Standing Bike
Euromini Campo 2019 – Standing Bike

Zizzo Bikes is one of the leading producer of some of the lightest affordable folding bikes. Euromini Zizzo Via, Euromini Ferro, Euromini Zizzo Urbano and Zizzo Campo are some of the company’s flagship models.

Europeans are known for using low fuel commutes like cycling for their travels. America severely lacks here. Americans mostly prefer fuel operated machines. Zizzo Bikes wants to change this.

Zizzo Bikes goal is to integrate the popular bicycle riding culture in America by manufacturing low cost foldable bikes – like the Euromini Campo product which costs less than 275 dollars!

By eliminating the hassles involved in owning and riding a bike – Zizzo Folding Bikes guarantee that every one can own and ride a bike. According to Zizzo Bikes if a commuter is convenient with:

  • transportation,
  • security,
  • storage,
  • expense and
  • flexibility

than he or she will definitely prefer it over other commuting options.

Zizzo Bikes - Top manufacturer for low cost bikes
Zizzo Bikes – Top manufacturer for low cost bikes

Euromini Campo 2019 is an excellent example delivered by Zizzo Bikes which excels on the above mentioned headings. This is the reason it is a perfect model for Zizzo Folding Bikes to accomplish their mission.

Check the ratings and the final on – road price on Amazon.

Below is a list of all the features included in the 2019 model which are not present in the Euromini Campo 2018.

List of features included in the 2019 model of the Euromini Campo

2019 Campo features enhancements not present in the old 2018 model. These include:

  • Wider Saddle
  • Stronger Folding Pedals
  • Magnetic catch which holds the folded bike securely 
  • A Redesigned Crankset
  • Redesigned easy single folding aluminum alloy stem
  • Apt for upright cruiser riding style.
  • Reduced Weight from 29 to 28 lbs

Around 70 percent of the buyers have rated Euromini Campo 5 stars, while 20 percent of them have given it 4 stars. Here is an in-depth review of the bike – which justifies its popularity and demand.

At the very end – there is a table which has all the details about the specifications and features of the bike. You can directly scroll down to the table to know the parts and their respective size – which are used in Euromini Campo 2019

Zizzo Bikes fulfill all the needs for a low budget quality bike
Zizzo Folding Bikes fulfill all the needs for a low budget quality bike


The strength and the weight of a bike is very important – when you hit the roads on it. Euromini Campo 2019 is an excellent example of a lightweight bike with all the strength that you need for a perfect ride. It definitely outweighs Euromini Zizzo Via and Euromini Zizzo Urbano in terms of ease of transportation.


Euromini Campo 2019 weighs 28 lbs – which makes it one of the lightest folding bike on Earth. Lighter the bike – better the paddling and lesser the force required to propel it forward.

As Euromini Campo is a very lightweight bike – accelerating it becomes very easy. And because of its low weight – the bike becomes an option for a large age group of buyers. It becomes a convenient bike for adults, kids and even for old age riders.

Secondly you can ride a Euromini Campo even if air resistance is high because of its low lbs. This opens up a lot of terrains for you – like mountains and beach sides where drag becomes an issue.

Camping is a preferred recreational event for you – with a Euromini Campo. And we believe – this is why “Campo” is the tag name given by Zizzo Bikes to this product.

Euromini Campo 2019 Folded
Euromini Campo 2019 Folded


Euromini Campo 2019 is a stable and easier to balance bike for you. The reason for its high stability is low center of gravity. All the bulky parts remain very close to the ground making it firmly grounded. Only the stem and handles rise up to you.

Euromini Campo is built using 20″ 6160 Aluminum Alloy frame and the forks are made up of steel. Lightweight metals like Aluminum and Steel decreases the weight of the bike while increasing its strength.

Tires and Derailleur

Another reason for its stability is Euromini’s Tires. The bike features Wanda 20 x 2.0″ off road wide tires which provide comfort and traction for both road and trail riding.

The 7-speed cassette and chain with the Derailleur is a welcome feature in this low cost bike. It makes up ward movement very easy. So if you are using your bike mostly in hilly terrains and mountain roads then the 7-speed cassette and Derailleur will help you climb like an oxen.

The Derailleur is attached with the frame of the bike – so that it receives minimum to no compression and jerks. Even the 7-speed cassette and chain are Rust Resistant Coated. The rust coating and other features are not included in Euromini Zizzo Via and Euromini Zizzo Urbano.

Euromini Campo 2019 - Wanda Tires
Euromini Campo 2019 – Wanda Tires

To go to the buying page – click on Euromini Campo 2019

Speed Shifter and V Brakes

Euromini Campo 2019 comes with Shimano 7-speed grip shifter. The shifter again impacts the movement of the bike – making changing gears and speed alterations smooth. The shifter is integrated to the handlebar.

And lastly the bike is fitted with Aluminum Alloy V-Brakes. We tested the brakes in our garage and they were real powerful. The brakes provide you with the stopping power you need in sudden situations.

The handlebar can also be rotated to best adjust to your hand position while riding.

The seat post height can be adjusted to provide you with your most comfortable riding position.

Euromini Campo 2019 is available in three colors – Yellow, Black, and White. Black is the most preferred color by both the genders for this particular model.

These enhanced features in a less than 300 dollar bike – is extraordinary. To guarantee their vision Zizzo Bikes have actually made the Euromini Campo – a model bike for the Americans.

Euromini Campo 2019 - Shifters
Euromini Campo 2019 – Shifters


Modern day commuting demands the modes of travel to be very portable. The second most important feature after transportation – is how flexible the bike is.

Today multi-modal commuting is inevitable. You need to change a lot many modes of travel before reaching your destination – and Euromini Zizzo serves the need.

Easy Folding Mechanism

You can fold and unfold a Euromini Campo – in less than 30 seconds! The mechanism of its fold is super easy. Below are the steps to fold a Campo.

Campo 2019 comes with easy single folding aluminum alloy stem. You just have to insert the stem in the post to unfold the bike or remove it from the post to fold it.

Once this done – you can further adjust the seat height. When folded – ground the seat to its very low. The lowered seat post is as tripod with the two wheels to keep the bike stable in the upright position.

The bike has adjustable Alloy clamps to secure the seat post, handlebar post height, and handlebar brake lever orientation when you fold or unfold it.

The Campo 2019 folds down into the following dimensions: (H-27″ L-31″ W-12.5). This compact size makes the Euromini an ideal commuter bike. It definitely surpasses Euromini Zizzo Via and Euromini Zizzo Urbano in terms of folding mechanism.

Euromini Campo 2019 - Single Stem Folding Mechanism
Euromini Campo 2019 – Single Stem Folding Mechanism

Storage and Security

The third and fourth aspect to look before you buy yourself a bike – is it’s storage and security.


Parking problems are on a rise. And parking your bike on the streets is not the safest of the options. The best thing about Euromini Campo is that you don’t need to park it at all.

You can store the folded Campo under your work table, beside your theater seat, and even hang it on your home wall! Ride it around the campground, pack it up in the RV, or take it out for a spirited recreation ride.

Generally you will find bike parking stations in front of most of the commercial buildings in US. But the real deal is to find a place there – even if you are working in the building itself. For this you can carry your folded Euromini Zizzo bike right up to your cabin and under your desk.

And paying for parking tickets is always a burden on your pockets. Although you will find many places where parking a bike does not cost – but not in all the places.

In some states and in some particular places (parks and theaters) – you need to buy a parking ticket costing from a dollar to 5 dollars! Zizzo Bikes and especially the Euromini can save you a lot of dollars because you can fold and carry it.

And read this post – by The Telegraph – reporting parking problems in US’s neighbor country. “According to research conducted by BPA the average time motorists spend looking for a space is 5.9 mins, adding up to a total of 90.5 hours – or four days – spent searching for a parking spot over the year.” So here a Euromini Campo 2019 will definitely be a time saver.


As the bikes are getting more and more popular – they are attracting a lot many eyes. Bike thieves find it very easy to rob you off your bike specially when you have left it parked.

Unlocking a bike from a parking station is not a very difficult job. And because bikes today are very less in weight – even carrying them is not a big difficulty.

Secondly the bike is also secured from easy crack ups. The frame and stem locks has a “vice grip” locking mechanism. This allows you to forcefully lock the bike up. More the force on the folding hinge the tighter it is locked with a secondary safety lock that snaps in place to prevent any accidental unlocking while riding.

For all these reasons – the best place to put your commodity is alongside you. And Euromini Campo is a perfect model. You don’t need to park it – and carrying along the bike is pretty convenient.

Easy Storage Bike
Easy Storage Bike


The fifth aspect to look for is the cost of the bike. You will get bikes under 2000 dollars and even under 200 dollars.

Euromini Campo 2019 can fit in anyone’s budget. The bike costs 273 dollars! This is less than your average monthly electric bill. And you are buying a quality product – which is all your dollars worth.

The low cost of Zizzo Bikes along with quality materials – makes them the most sought out product in the market. Zizzo Bikes pricing policy has really surprised some big bike manufacturers.

A bike with all the installations that the Campo has – will easily cost around 500 to 600 dollars. Giving the same product for half the price – along with quality engineering – is a tough job! And honestly Zizzo Bikes are doing a good work out there. Even Euromini Zizzo Via and Euromini Zizzo Urbano are very low cost high durable bikes.

To go to the buying page – click on Euromini Campo 2019

Table showcasing all the specifications and details about the parts and their sizes used in Euromini Campo 2019

FRAME6061 Standard aluminum alloy
FORKSteel fork and steer tube
MAGNETIC CATCHERHolds the folded bike frame securely together
WHEEL SIZE20 inches
SPEEDS7 speeds
FOLDED SIZEH-27" L-31" W-12.5"
FRONT HUBSteel; Silver, 28h w/ nutted axle
REAR HUBSteel; Silver, 28h 7 speed freewheel style w/ nutted axle
SPOKES14g stainless steel
RIMS20' Aluminum alloy; single walled; machine sidewall; 28h; silver
TIRESWanda 20x2" multi-terrain tires
HANDLEBAR25.4mm Butted aluminum, 540mm width
STEMSingle piece alloy; redesigned for upright seating position
HEADSET1 inch caged ball type
GRIPSPVC grip; ergonomic
SADDLEWide comfort ZiZZO ergonomic saddle
SEATPOSTPlain aluminum alloy; 580mm
SEATPOST CLAMP0mm clip w/ screws; quick release
SHIFTERShimano Revo 7-Speed grip style shifter
REAR DERAILLEURShimano Tourney 7 speed
CRANKSET48T 170mm steel crank arm; PVC chainring cover
BOTTOM BRACKET119mm unsealed; caged bearing
CASSETTE7 Speed freewheel
CHAINKMC Z50 7 speed chain
PEDALS9/16" heavy duty; steel/resin, Folding
FRONT/REAR BRAKE"Power" 110mm V-Style brakes; black
BRAKE LEVERSAluminum alloy brake lever; plastic body
BRAKE CABLES & HOUSINGJagwire CGX-XL cables & housing

Some of the customer reviews about the bike

Philip T. – We live Fulltime in a 30’ Airstream so space is a premium. We also wanted a quality bike, our Campo’s fulfill both requirements. I did have a couple issues upon opening box, I contacted Customer Service and Tony was more than willing to help. If you are looking for folding bikes look no further.

Heejeong J. – I bought this for commuting in Boston city, I am 163cm, not that tall, so this bike is just the right size for me, the color is beautiful too, strangers may talk to me about it, they say it is very pretty, I have to fold it so that I can put it in my SUV trunk, folding isn’t hard too, it is a little heavy for me, but it is a good exercise. The surprising thing was in this morning, the chain dropped, but I put it on again, made my hands dirty. it is a folding bike so this kind of thing may happen, but I really want that I don’t have to put the chain on every time. all in all, the speed is good, it is comfortable to ride because of the 7 speeds.

Judd R. – I am so impressed with the quality in the smoothness of operation Straight Out of the Box that I can’t say enough about it! I added an engine kit to mine and it all works flawlessly I could not be happier 😁

Is Euromini Campo worth the dollars?

If you are searching for one of the best folding bikes under $500 then we highly doubt that you will get anything better than Euromini Zizzo Campo. It’s affordable, the manufacturer is reputed and the bike has all quality parts.

Euromini Campo 2019 is rated in top ten for the following categories –

  • Best affordable bike of the year
  • Lightest folding bike
  • Best bikes under 300 dollars
  • Best low price commuter bikes

The bike is best suited for a large class of commuters. For school goers, to college riders and even for people who want to take it to their workplace. Even recreational rides on this bike is a pleasant experience.

This one bike can be used by all your family members. And it can be used on multiple terrains.

To go to the buying page – click on Euromini Campo 2019

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