Folding Bike Case – 5 Best Folding Bike Bags 2019 Reviews

Folding Bike Bags make your journey with your folding bike more convenient and increases the portability of your bike. A folding bike is never complete without a folding bike case.

Sometimes you bike needs to travel too. You need to pack it up to go on a subway, bus or plane. A good folding bike carries you around with ease and a good folding bike bag/case carries the bike around with ease!

Folding Bikes are designed portable. Multi Modal commuting and modern day traffics demand your commute to be as portable as possible. Hands free is the new human anatomy – and a folding bike bag is the best solution.

Why You Need a Folding Bike Bag

There are many reasons for you to buy a folding bike bag along with your bike purchase – but we will only talk about about some of the most important reasons.


Folding Bikes come with a price. Some of the best electric folding bikes go as high as 3000 to 5000 dollars. You will get folding bikes under 200 dollars as well – but that also has a cost. Folding Bike Cases adds a safety layer to your bike.

Secondly folding bikes feature intricate design and are manufactured using soft and lightweight materials. This is to increase the compactness and the fold-ability. For this reason you actually need a little extra protection for a folding bike in compared to a standing rigid bike.

As you carry along your folding bike along the roads, traffic routes, jammed lanes or inside metros – there is a high risk of your bike getting brushed. A strong protective bike travel case can save your bike from these damages. This is while you are on the go –

But a good bike cover is still needed even if your bike is parked in house. Steel, Aluminum and other elements react with oxygen – and sometimes leaves important parts of your bike rusty. This effect maximizes in rainy seasons and rusted parts deteriorate soon.

Even dust and fine sand and grain particles attack the paint of your bike diminishing the aluminum shine and glow. And you will only be able to understand the difference between the original color you purchased and the withered color – if you see the new model and your used model side by side.

Rust and other environmental perils can be minimized using good bike covers. Especially a hard folding bike cover having a plastic coating can be the best solution for rust and rains.


We already talked about folding bikes and portability in the introduction. Let us look at it in detail in this section.

The primary reason for buying a folding bike is portability and nothing else. There is no use of a folding lightweight bike if it is not making your multi modal commuting inconvenient. Moving around with relatively large gear can prove to be quite a hassle when putting into consideration the height, weight and length.

A folding bag or a case increases the portability and the convenience of your travel.

Imagine yourself carrying a 25 to 30 pound bike rushing along the traffic to reach a metro station. Or strolling along the park with your hands occupied carrying your bike. Even attending a call while from your office is going to be difficult if your hands have your folding bike – which you bought to make your reach to your work place easy!

All these becomes easier with a good folding bike bag. Especially if the bag or case is designed as a strap on or a shoulder bag. Your shoulders carry the luggage leaving your hands free! And this is not just convenient – a folding bike bag will also increase your speed.

Choosing Appropriate Folding Bike Bag For Your Bike

The world of folding bike bags is huge! As the demand for lightweight folding bikes are increasing – there is an upsurge in the demand for their carrier bags as well.

According to some of the finance reporters – there is an approximate 30 to 40 percent rise in folding bike bags businesses. And this has boosted the fabric and hard cases business sectors as well. Today several categories of folding bike bags are available –

Types of Folding Bike Bags and Cases

Some of the popular categories for good folding bike carrying bags are:

  • Quick Covers – Apt for long distance carrying
  • Carry on Covers – Shoulder Style Bags and Cases best for your multi modal commuting
  • Stow Bags – Best for long term storage. They feature soft padded cushions.
  • Body Bags – These are again meant for long term storage – but they feature hard cases for more endurance.
  • Airporters – These are folding bike suitcases. They enable you to carry your bikes on airplanes.
  • Custom Folding Bike Bags – You can even customize folding bike cases according to your preferences and needs.

Nowadays some of the leading lightweight folding bike manufacturers opt to fabricate folding bike bags and suitcases along with bikes. Leading them is the Bromton’s and the Dahon’s and the Tern’s.

Bromton’s and Dahon’s rivalry is not limited to the manufacturing of lightweight bikes – but has extended in producing some of the best folding bikes cases as well. Dahon Folding Bike Bag and Brompton Travel Case are some of the most popular folding bike bags. Below we have reviewed both these folding bike suitcases.

Before choosing a folding bike bag for your bike you need to look for some of these points –

  • Style – Primarily you need to look out for the purpose you are buying a folding bike bag for. If you want to store your bike for a long term then go for some hard case bags and big sized ones. If you want the bad for day to day commuting then go for a shoulder on bag and one featuring the most compact size.
  • Quality – A folding bike bag carries a lot of weight. Even the best lightweight folding bikes have some weight. So the quality of a folding bike bag matters the most. Buy a good quality product even if it costs. It will ensure no torn ups and zip issues. Try to go for a reputed brand if you can afford.
  • Size – Choose the right size bag taking the size of your bike into consideration. A big bike will not fit in a small bag and a larger bag will not be very convenient.
  • Material – Check for the material online or offline before selecting the bag. Look if it offers some elasticity and more importantly if the material provides safety from water and rains. We have reviewed Dahon folding bike bags below. They feature some of the best fabric materials – look for them if they suit you in terms of size and style as well.
  • Folding Bike Case with Wheels – Modern bike suitcases also feature wheels. Buy a bag of this kind. Bags with wheels are super convenient and very portable. And more importantly a bicycle bag with wheels can also be used if you want to carry your bike on planes. You will not need separate Airporters with these kinds.

5 Best Folding Bike Bags of 2019

Below we have reviewed five of the best folding bike bags of 2019. Our team of experts at have analysed the bags in terms of

  • Material – fabric and plastic coating
  • Style-factor – Category of the folding bike bag
  • Weight
  • Size

We also reviewed popular bike shop owners before making this list of some of the best bicycle bags of 2019.

1# Dahon EL Bolso Folding Bike Carry Bag

Dahon is a well known manufacturer for folding bikes and their accessories. They have launched the very successful range of Dahon Bikes.

Along with the bikes – they are very popular for Dahon Folding Bike Bags as well. Popular among their bags are “Dahon Stow Bag” and “Dahon Bike Bag”. We will review their flagship bike bag model – “Dahon El Bolso”.

Dahon El Bolso makes the carrying of your bike very convenient. The most effective part are the very strong shoulder straps which are intensively padded. You can sling heaviest folding bikes over your shoulder and will not feel much pressure.

When not in use El bolso rolls up to pack into its own bag. You can sling the folded not in use bag too! There are pockets on inside sides to store other bike accessories as well.

Dahon El Bolso - Sling Bag with strong shoulder straps
Dahon El Bolso – Sling Bag with strong shoulder straps

Dahon El Bolso is a “one size all fit” bag. Irrespective of the various sizes of folding bikes – you can use it to fit the largest to the most compact of the models.

Dahon El Bolso features strong material durable clips and water resistant Nylon fabric. The cover is very sturdy.

Dahon El Bolso - A "One Size All Fit Bag"
Dahon El Bolso – A “One Size All Fit Bag”

Below are some issues reported for Dahon El Bolso as well:

  • Although Dahon claims it as One Size All Fit Bag – but some 26 inches bikes do not go inside very well. 
  • The bag is water resistant and and not water proof – so cannot guarantee the best of the protections in rainy seasons.
  • The Bag seems over priced

Is Dahon El Bolso the right bag for you?

Dahon El Bolso – is a branded product. Dahon Bikes even gives warranty with this bag. You can mail your warranty registration card to: Dahon 833 Meridian Street Duarte, CA 91010 attn: Warranty.

If you have a 2 thousand dollar premium bike – then you need to invest 10 percent of the bike’s price by covering it up in a Dahon El Bolso. And the folding bike bag is worth the dollars for a premium bike taking into account the fabric material, the strong shoulder straps and the quality.

Dahon El Bolso - A premium folding bike bag
Dahon El Bolso – A premium folding bike bag

Click on Dahon El Bolso to go to the buying page if you are interested in this folding bike bag.

Dahon Folding Bike Bag Video Review

But if you have a bike worth 200 dollars then the bike is overpriced for the bike. We have reviewed other folding bike bags (below in this post) which are equally good and costs just 35 – 40 dollars. You can select one from them for a low costing bike.

2# RockBros Bike Bag and Bicycle Carry Case

Even though RockBros Bike Bag and Bicycle Carry Case is hash tagged second in this posts list – it is actually the most recommended product. If you are having a folding bike or even a standing bike – then having a RockBros Bike Bag and Bicycle Carry Case is a must!

RockBros Bike Bag and Bicycle Carry Bag
RockBros Bike Bag and Bicycle Carry Bag

All all the folding bike bags and cases or suitcases reviewed – this is the most apt product. Let us go a little deeper into the specifications of this bag.

Size and Style – RockBros Bike Bag is a large bag. The bag accommodates up to 19 inches of bike racks and 29ers bicycle making it suitable for a road bike, mountain bike, foldable bicycle, 700C touring Bike or small wheel bicycle.

You can use a RockBros Bike Bag for travelling purpose and for storage purpose as well. You can even use this bag as an airplane carrier for folding bikes.

When not in use the travel case can be folded and stored in a Bicycle carry case which comes with this bike bag. The bicycle carry case can also be mounted on the rear bicycle rack for easy carrying while outdoor cycling. So you get two bags with this buy – a bike bag and a carry case.

Click on RockBros Bike Bag to know more about this product.

Material and Built – RockBros Bike Bag has two layer of materials. On the outer contour of the bag high quality 600D Oxford fabric is used. 600D Oxford Fabric is very popular and is one of the most durable and wear resistant materials.

On the inside – RockBros Bike Bag has an anti-fouling waterproof fabric. The bag has a thickened sponge bottom plate and sponge inter-layer which acts as shock-absorbers.

The inside fabric effectively prevents the bag from the shocks and from getting wet or dirty. You can easily clean the inside of the bag by just swiping it with a wet cloth or a wet tissue. RockBros bag .

RockBros has provided two straps in the inside space to fasten the frame of the bike. This keeps the frame intact. The thickened sponge plates and these straps are very effective when you want to transport the bike overseas or want to travel with it inside airplanes.

Inside of the RockBros Bike Bag
Inside of the RockBros Bike Bag

You can also store the wheels separately and buckle them up for added safety and protection and to reduce collision between tires.

RockBros Bike Bag is very user friendly and every inch of its space is utilized to perfection. The outside frame of the bag has many mesh pockets on the sides. You can store all your travel and biking necessities. There is a small pocket too that can be used to store small items such as maintenance oil, repair tools etc.

Even the inner sides of the bag has pockets to store essential bike parts or for extra bike accessories.

Click on RockBros Bike Bag to know more about this product.

Inside of RockBros Bag - You can see different pockets for storing different parts of your bike.
Inside of RockBros Bag – You can see different pockets for storing different parts of your bike.

Is RockBros Bike Bag and Bicycle Carry Case worth buying

The bike bag and the carry case are worth all the dollars. This folding bike bag can be used for all kinds of bikes and for all kinds of situations.

RockBros Bike Bag - An essential buy
RockBros Bike Bag – An essential buy

Whether you want to carry your bike over the shoulders while commuting within a city or want to transport your bike over a long distance – whatever the situation – the RockBros is more than apt. You can also use this bike bag for storing your bike and all its parts and accessories.

It is one bag for all your family bikes. You can have multiple bikes in your house for your family members but one RockBros is highly recommended.

Click on RockBros Bike Bag to go to the buying page.

3# MightuDuty Folding Bike Cover with Transport Bag

MightuDuty Folding Bike Cover and Transport Bag is listed in the top ten list for “best folding bike bags under 50 dollars”.

Material and Build – The bag is made up of high quality Polyester (600D Thick Material) and is 85*33*69cm in size. We checked the fabric quality and the webbing style and it was very strong and impressive.

MightuDuty Folding Bike Bag - Polyester and strong Webbing
MightuDuty Folding Bike Bag – Polyester and strong Webbing

The fabric and webbing makes sure that the bad is shock resistant asd can sustain tears and wears. Along with the open space provided by MightuDuty the bag can easily accommodate all 20 inch Folding Bicycles.

The bag does not weigh much too but can support most lightweight 30 pounds models. However if your bike is larger than a 20er or have a heavy bike than go for RockBros Folding Bike Bag.

MightuDuty Folding Bike Cover showcases very strong shoulder belts. We tried the bags on shoulders and it provided a lot of comfort. You will not feel burdened because of the very soft shoulder padding. The belts are adjustable to your size.

MightuDuty Folding Bike Bag with strong shoulder belts
MightuDuty Folding Bike Bag with strong shoulder belts

Price and Style – This bag is not only made for folding bikes – instead it is big storage bag which has multiple storage applications. When on wheels you can store all your accessories and trip necessities. MightuDuty claims that the bag can store tents, mats, and all other picnic stuffs.

MightuDuty Folding Bike Cover does not cost much. It is the most apt folding bike bag for bikes which are less than 300 dollars or 200 dollars.

You can get two MightuDuty Folding Bike Cover at the price of one RockBros Bike bag and 4 of these Bike Covers at the cost of one Dahon El Bolso!

MightuDuty Folding Bike Cover Kit comes with a Transport Bag as well. When not in use – you can fold the bag and store it in the Transport Bag. The transport bag can also be used as a small carrier over your bike.

MightuDuty Folding Bike Cover Kit included a Transport Bag
MightuDuty Folding Bike Cover Kit included a Transport Bag

Is the MightuDuty Folding Bike Cover Kit worth your dollars?

The kit is definitely worth considering its low price and fair quality. The Kit also includes a travelling bag like RockBros’s. So for average size bikes this bag will perform good.

MightyDuty Folding Bike Kit
MightyDuty Folding Bike Kit

But if you want a long storage bag and the one which can last long as well as accompany you in all your travels – be it metro or air – then go for the RockBros. RockBros can accommodate all sizes as well, whereas Mightuduty will only serve 20ers.

Otherwise MightuDuty is enough for a bike which is not very expensive. It includes all the specifications of a good quality folding bike bag.

You can click on Mightuduty Folding Bike Kit to go to the buying page.

4# EuroMini ZiZZO Folding Bike Storage Cover

Euromini Zizzo is a well established brand and manufactures quality folding bikes. They started with a campaign that they will make bike riding – a convenient mode of transport for all Americans.

For this – they produce quality Euromini Zizzo bikes and folding bikes accessories at very affordable prices. And the Euromini Zizzo Folding Bag is a testimony their will and agenda.

Zizzo Folding Bike Bag
Zizzo Folding Bike Bag

Material and Style – The bag is made up of Heavy-duty Nylon and the sewing and zipping are up to the mark. The bag does not weigh much and features simple basic design. Zizzo Logo is imprinted on the face of the bag.

Zizzo Folding Bike Bag is actually a cover. It is best if you want to store your bike for a long term when not in use. And this folding bike cover is enough for all 20 inches bicycles. It does not matter even if the bikes are not Zizzo Bikes.

Zizzo Folding Bike cover comes with a storage bag – in which you can keep the cover when not in use. However the storage bag cannot be used as a transport bag like the RockBros and MightuDuty folding bike covers.

Price – As earlier discussed Zizzo Bikes make sure that they remain the most economical in the market. You will not get any bike or accessory cheaper than a Zizzo’s. And the Zizzo Folding Bike Cover justifies this fact.

The cover is a less than 30 dollar product. You will not get things cheaper than this. So if you want to go ahead with this cover and it fits your financial leverage than go for it – and don’t buy MightuDuty folding bike cover – even if they both lie in the same bracket.

Is Zizzo Folding Bike Cover worth buying?

I think we already answered this in the paragraph above. However if you have a bike which costed you a a couple of hundred dollars then buy the Zizzo Folding Bike Cover.

If you have a bike which is not 20er – than go for RockBros. A RockBros folding bike cover is a long lasting – any bike size – cover. We heavily doubt that Zizzo Covers can last that long.

Secondly if you want a folding bike cover and a transport bag at Zizzo’s price than go for MightuDuty because Zizzo’s don’t give you a transport cover with this product. But if you want a branded guaranteed product than Zizzo is best regarding the price.

Click on Eurominni Zizzo Folding Bike Cover if you want to to go to the buying page.

5# Camp 20 inch Folding Bike Bag

Camp 20 inches folding bike bag is the most economical bag among all the bags reviewed above.

This bag is manufactured by CampBikeUSA – a leading manufacturer of folding bikes in USA. The manufacturer has earned its name for the quality and maintenance of its products. And Camp 20 inches folding bike bag has received many appraisals by experts.

Material and Style – This bag is almost a look alike to the earlier reviewed Zizzo Folding Bike Cover. The earlier one displayed “Zizzo” while this one highlights “Camp” in the front.

Camp 20 inches folding Bike Bag by CampBikesUsa
Camp 20 inches folding Bike Bag by CampBikesUsa

This folding bike cover is actually an update to the previously popular Camp folding bike cover. This new edition has a Reinforced Floor Bottom and Front Sidewall (using extra soft padding materials). This is to protect Derailleur and Chainrings.

Camp folding bike cover is made up of Waterproof Nylon and is available in 25 x 32 x 13 inches (Height x Length x Depth) size. It can accommodate all 20 inches folding bikes.

You can carry this cover over your shoulders easily. The cover features both a Carry-on Handle with Velcro and a Removable Shoulder Strap Harness. The shoulder harness of Camp Cover is slightly softer than the Zizzo Cover.

It also has a Zippered Front Pocket 10”x 10” to keep your bike essentials.

Camp Folding Bike Cover with strong shoulder harnesses
Camp Folding Bike Cover with strong shoulder harnesses

Price – As we already discussed that this cover is the most economical of all the five reviewed in this article. It is a less than 20 dollars folding bike cover – and finding a branded cover at this price is a rarity.

Is Camp Folding Bike Cover worth buying

Our absolute answer for this cover is a YES. You will not get a branded product cheaper than this. It is a must have folding bike cover for all 20 inches folding bikes.

Camp Folding Bike Bag
Camp Folding Bike Bag

Even if you have a RockBros folding bike bag- which can accommodate all size bikes – an additional Camp Folding Bike Bag is always welcome.

The bag does not come with an additional transport bag – but you cannot expect much in 20 dollars. If you want a transport bag that hard – you can buy a good one in additional 10 dollars.

And most of the bikes are a welcome guest in this bag – be it boardwalks, citizenbikes, downtubes etc. You can even easily carry these bikes in this bag for an airline travel. So all these makes Camp Folding Bike Bag a definite buy.

Click on Camp Folding Bike Bag to go to the buying page.

The Final Verdict on Best Folding Bike Bags

Buy a RockBros

  • If you are a heavy multi-modal commuter.
  • If you want a bag which you can carry along always and even use to store your bike when needed.
  • If you have a costly folding bike.
  • You can want a long lasting product.
  • If you need an additional carry bag or transport bag.
  • If your bike is more than 20 inches.
  • If you are buying one bag for all your family Bikes.
RockBros Folding Bike Bag
RockBros Folding Bike Bag

Or else go for the Camp Folding Bike Bag

  • if you want a branded economical folding bike bag.
  • If you want an additional bag with a RockBros.
  • You want a Folding Bike Bag for temporary use.
  • You are not a heavy multi-modal commuter.
  • If mostly you want to use it as a storage cover bag.
  • If you don’t have a very costly folding bike.
Camp 20 Inches Folding Bike Bag
Camp 20 Inches Folding Bike Bag

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