How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles

How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles

How long does it take to bike 6 miles?

How long does it take to bike 6 miles? or – How long does it take to bike 5 miles? These two questions surface a lot in springs and mostly before the start of schools.

5/6 miles upto 10 miles is generally the distance Americans travel in a go on Bikes. – Mostly the average distance between your college and work is 6 miles. And in reality 6 miles ride is achievable by all age groups.

Biking 6 miles is not very hard on your body and not very easy too. Most trainers will recommend you 6 – 10 miles cycling for fitness.

Even the 6 mile bike ride time is not absurd. Taking out 23 minutes to a maximum of say 27 – 28 minutes is easily doable.

If you are seeking the answer for any of the above two questions (How long does it take to bike 6 miles? or – How long does it take to bike 5 miles?) then you have come to a pretty right place. In this post we have calculated all the metrics and bars to exactly answer you your queries.

How long does it take to bike 6 miles

And if it is work or school then calculating the exact travel time means a lot for you. A single minute late punch of your card in corporate offices can sometimes lead to inflated fines.

So cutting all the criterion short – let us answer the question How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles.

Provided that all the evaluating factors (discussed below) are general – then you will need –

23.5 minutes at a steady speed on a flat road.

Note that we have actually conducted a test to answer this question (How long does it take to bike 6 miles) – with so much precision.

10 of our average engineers working in convenientcommuting biked in Lafayette Street and the average they clocked was 23.5 minutes.

How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles - Test Run
How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles – Test Run

6 mile bike ride time – Factors to look for

23.5 minutes was what our riders clocked riding 6 miles. But remember this was a test run. We had a selection of 25 – 35 years of males and females. The road was flat, and the bikes were pretty much all road bikes.

How long does it take to bike 6 miles

There a lot of other factors which were not taken into consideration. Different type of terrains, your physical condition, your determination, local traffic and a lot other – are some of the attributes which affect your speed.

To get the exact minutes to – How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles – for yourself – assess the following factors.

Are you starting cycling?

If you are a beginner to riding bicycles then – 23.5 minutes is not your 6 mile bike ride time. It will take you around 40 minutes to reach your 6 miles – milestone.

Mostly as a new rider you will start at an average speed of 8-10 mph. You will need to settle in on your bike and to understand it fully. The movement, the traction, gears, brakes, and the balance will be absorbed by your physique eventually.

starting cycling
Starting Cycling?

The faster you understand how your bike is behaving with you – your speed will increase. Fairly estimating – a month on your bike will record you somewhere around 30 minutes for 6 miles.

And to reach to 23.5 minutes for 6 mile bike ride time – you will take around 45 days.

The start will be “a tortoise and the hare”. Even small kids of your house will beat you. What you really need is a consistent program of 5 days – 6 miles ride – a week.

When you are starting cycling – initial miles are the most difficult ones. Take rest at every 3 miles of your journey. Keep yourself hydrated and carry granola bars if necessary. Even carrying a bag of essential biking tools is a recommendation.

starting cycling

After 2 or 3 months of your starting cycling – you can beat 23.5 minutes too. Reaching speeds of up to 35 mph when sprinting is a total possibility.

Believe us – the answer to How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles – can be reduced to 12 – 15 minutes too.

Which cycling route are you taking?

Traffic is the most important thing you need to look for when riding to work or to colleges. 23.5 minutes as 6 mile bike ride time is – when you are coming across a maximum of two traffic signals.

Even if you are a pro and record the least 6 mile bike ride time – your bike is wings-less. You cannot fly above the traffic and not dodge the signals either. Sometimes breaking a traffic signal will cost you more than what Uber might have charged you for 6 miles ride.

Before you start buy a cycling route planner or simply use google maps to best navigate your cycling route. It will give you – an exact estimate of the minutes – along with suggestions to best route you can take.

Stop at all the Traffic Lights and stop signs. Follow the Highway Code. Don’t get into bus lanes if bikes and cycles are not allowed to be ridden there.

Plan a safer route. Main Roads and Highways are good to bike on. Flat grounds are best to ride. However if there are hilly terrains then the average gradient you can ride smoothly is 11% to 15%.

Cycling in the Rain?

cycling in the rain
Cycling in the Rain?

Check what the weather is likely to be the whole day before hitting the pedals to work or college or school. If needed carry a rain jacket or a pair of UV protected biking sunglasses.

By cycling in the rain – we mean the whether in general. Whether will affect your speed. The test run we carried out to estimate 6 mile bike ride time was in a bright sunny day.

If the days are not rainy or windy then 25 minutes is average for a 6 mile bike ride. But if the whether is coarse you need to leave early. How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles – depends a lot then – on the current whether c conditions.

Check the wind speed or so called breeze speed. The drag will always be a hindrance in your speed. If you are having a good streamlined bike – then it can help you a little cutting through.

Wind Jackets are more important than Rain Jackets. Most of the days you will be fighting wind. Cycling in the rains is generally not common. And in rainy conditions – it will be smarter to use other convenient commuting options.

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike

How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles
Mountain Bike vs Road Bike

There is a lot of debate on Mountain Bike vs Road Bike. However we are answering “How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles?” considering that you are riding to work and college within the city limits. And for that –

A Road Bike is the best option for you.

A road bike will decrease the 6 mile bike ride time considerably. In the test run conducted by us to answer How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles – both the types were used.

Road Bikes reached 6 miles in 23.5 seconds. Mountain Bikes took 28 minutes to reach the same destination. This shows that Road Bikes are 20 to 30 percent faster on city roads.

However if you want to ride six miles or more on hilly and mountain-like terrains – then go for a MTB. In those terrains a MTB will be speedier and more effective.

Bike Tires Sizes

How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles

Mountain bike differs from a Road Bike. And the most important parameter making a road bike faster on flat grounds is – bike tires sizes.

Road bikes have a smaller size tire than a MTB. And smaller tires move fast on flat surfaces.

Smaller the tire – lesser its contact with the ground and air and lesser its spin. Lesser the contact means lesser friction. And lesser friction means high speeds.

On a rocky terrain you need larger bike tires sizes. Stability of the bike means more to you there. If you ride a small tire bike in a dusty and sandy terrain – the bike will not move as fast.

So basically the answer to How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles – depends a lot on which terrain you are riding.

On flat grounds go for smaller bike tires size and you will record fast. However if 6 miles are on difficult terrains than go for large tire sizes. You will be faster on large size there.

Recreational Biking or Cycling for fitness?

How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles

All the above statistics for “How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles” – were considered taking into account that you are riding to work or to college.

This shows that the purpose behind biking is very important. Because Riding to Work, Recreational Biking and Cycling for fitness – all vary in their speeds. 6 mile bike ride time for all three are quite different.

Recreational Biking is different than riding to work. Recreational rides are a leisure activity – where time should not matter to you at all.

And if you are on a recreational ride – then please toss this question – How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles – into trash.

Recreational Biking – first of all should not last limited miles. And secondly it should not be time constrained. Ride it – as if you own all the time in the world.

However please do not confuse Recreational Biking with cycling for fitness. A fitness ride should have pace. In fact cycling for fitness should be faster than road biking.

This is to say – that even clocking 6 miles in 23.5 minutes is not considered as good cycling for fitness.

Cycling to Work
Cycling to Work

However if your main purpose in riding 6 miles is work, college or something official than speed is what you need. –

23.5 minutes is our answer to How Long Does it Take to Bike 6 Miles – which is fine as an average. But if possible have a practice run on any free day taking into account all the above parameters.

Evaluate your bike, its tires, traffic, route, weather patterns and then time yourself. If it is between 21 minutes to 27 minutes then its near perfect. But if you are taking more than 30 minutes then you need to a check on where you are slowing down.

Either the tires, or the route, or the bike must be responsible for more than 30 minutes 6 mile bike ride time. Change where it is needed – and mostly you will come to the averages.

Cycling Accessories – if cycling for 6 miles or more

Cycling for 6 miles – is a very practical milestone. And to make it a habit you need some basic Cycling Accessories. These accessories will comfort you and protect you. More comfortable your 6 miles are – more persistent you will become.

Below is a list of some of the important Cycling Accessories. Check out how much of them you already have – and which ones you need to purchase.

Cycling Apparel – If you are cycling to work or college – then 6 miles will make you sweaty. By sweaty we mean a lot of sweat. And you will never want to attend your workplace with an odor.

Cycling Apparel
Cycling Apparel

The best solution is to bike with cycling apparels on. Carry your work clothes in a Cycling Bag. A good cycling apparel will not cost you much.

Generally a complete cycling apparel comes – with a jacket and a lowers. If you feel you don’t require a lowers – than the jacket is enough.

However make sure that the Jacket Material is polyester or any kind – which helps in absorbing your sweat.

Deodorant – Carry a Deodorant with you always along with other cycling accessories. It is the most important tool – that you cannot leave behind.

Cycling Deodorant
Cycling Deodorant

Cycling 6 miles – will make you perspire – and hence smelly. Other that sweat, dust and sunlight will also affect your body’s physical and chemical appearances.

If possible buy a large pack of your favorite deodorant in wholesale from Costco. Because mostly you will need a bottle once every fortnight. Toss one bottle at a time in your Cycling Bag.

Bicycle Rain Gear – Rain check is a must before sitting on the saddle. Cycling in rain can be very unpleasant – if you are off to work. Bikes don’t come with roofs like cars!

You cannot afford to get drenched and come back home again to change. So carrying a Bicycle Rain Gear is very helpful.

Cycling Rain Gear
Cycling Rain Gear

Choose the lightest of the plastics. And the Rain Gear should cover you top to bottom.

Cycling Shoes – Cycling shoes will help you a lot in covering your miles fast. Cycling shoes are soft from inside and hard outside. The inside cushions you while the outside protects you from blows and impacts.

Even the best corporate shoes cannot compensate any cycling shoes. And riding six miles with corporate casual shoes will leave you soar feet. And without doubt your mileage will be affected.

Cycling Shoes
Cycling Shoes

Buy the most lightweight and fit cycling shoes. They make you move and maneuver fast. More importantly a perfect fit will take less space in your Cycling Bag too.

Do not buy low quality cycling shoes – because this is something you need most often. A good quality pair – will last you years. A good brand cycling shoes is recommended.

Cycling Bag – Lastly buy the best cycling bag available. Remember that you have to carry a load of things. Your cycling bag will have to accommodate your cycling apparels, deodorant, a pair of shoes, bicycle rain gear, most probably Sun Glasses, and other accessories.

Buy a water proof cycling bag. If you can sling it over your shoulders than it’s best. Look for something having more pouches and an extra strong zipping or Velcro mechanism. A good brand cycling bag is recommended.

Get yourself a set of panniers and a rack if you don’t want to carry any luggage.

Cycling Bag
Cycling Bag

How Long Does it Take to Bike 10 miles

Google Prompts suggest that the following five questions are the most asked ones –

  • how long does it take to bike 5 miles – around 400 searches
  • how long does it take to bike 6 miles – around 150 searches
  • how long does it take to bike 7 miles – around 200 searches
  • how long does it take to bike 8 miles – around 250 searches
  • how long does it take to bike 10 miles – around 400 searches
how long Does it Take to Bike 10 Miles

Even we come across these questions on our website and forum. So generally your question should be in the 5 to 10 miles range.

If your route is more than 5 miles and lets say you want to know – how long does it take to bike 10 miles – then do not divide 23.5 by 6 and then multiply the results with 10. – You will never get a fair estimate.

So how to calculate your mileage?

First of all you need to know how long does it take to bike a mile?

If an average person is riding an average bike on a flat road – then it should take him 4 – 5 minutes to bike a mile.

Now if you are biking up to 5 miles – then simply multiply 4 minutes with 5 miles. (We are considering the higher denomination.)

The maximum a human body can ride with same energy and enthusiasm is mostly 5 miles. Above 5 miles – the statistics change.

If you want to go 7 miles, or 8 or 10 miles on a single go – then for every extra added mile above 5 – you need to calculate a 10 percent increase in time.

So the sixth mile will take you 5 minutes. Whereas the first five took four minutes each.

The tenth mile should at least take you 6 -7 minutes. So the exact answer for How Long Does it Take to Bike 10 miles

should be approximately 50 minutes and not 40 minutes.

Things to consider if riding 10 miles on a go

Six miles on a single go is optimum for an average rider. If you are going any extra mile above 6 – then consider the following things –

  • Plan the route before hand. Don’t go to a route – from where returning becomes impossible.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and carry some quick grabs.
  • Make sure that the routes that you are taking are safe for cycling.
  • Take public transport part of the way if the distance is too much to bear (in the beginning).
  • If you can afford then – ride an Electric Bike – when going long.
  • Take along all the Cycling Accessories mentioned in the post above.
  • If you have any kind of medical issue – then please carry along the required medicines and prescriptions.
how long Does it Take to Bike 10 Miles

How to Ride Long Distances

If you want to go beyond 6 miles and 10 miles, then watch the video below. It explains all the basics and what to do’s.

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