Lightest Folding Bike (A to Z Guide to choose a perfect Lightweight Bike)

Increasing Demand for some of the Lightest Folding Bikes

Lightweight folding bikes are the need of the hour. Lighter bikes are more nimble, climb better, accelerate faster, more fun to ride and most importantly some of the lightest folding bikes are an investment for the buyer.

As modern lifestyle demands more portability – lightweight folding bikes are becoming the best commuting option. People search for lightest folding bike – even if they have to shell out some good amount of dollars.

Adapt 3 - One of the Lightest Folding Bike
Adapt 3 – One of the Lightest Folding Bike

Reduced weight is easier on arms. And smaller folded size of a light folding bike makes the carting of the bike easier. For these two benefits most of the big folding bicycles manufacturers are in a race to design lightest folding bikes – as per their abilities.

Modern researches in metallurgy are dedicated to find new materials which can reduce frames weight in folding bikes. Because of this and componentry constructions, bikes are getting lighter with every new launched model.

Aluminum Frame used in Dahon Bikes
Aluminum Frame used in Dahon Bikes

You will find some good brand bikes – like a Brompton H6R or Dahon Mariner D8 – weighing less than 15 pounds! They can be folded to one third of their standing size. Carrying such a folder is super convenient. But buying some of the lightest folding bikes – comes with a price.

Dahon Mariner - A quality lightweight bike
Dahon Mariner D8 – A quality lightweight bike

How much does some of the Lightest Folding Bikes cost

Light Foldable Bikes are not cheap. And there are many categories in which Light Foldable Bikes are divided. You will find bikes weighing more than 23 pounds, bikes under 20 lbs and even a 15 lb road bike.

The general rule in the pricing of Light Foldable Bikes is –

As the weight of the bike goes down the price of the bike goes up.

More than 23 pounds bikes costs around 500 dollar. Bikes under 20 lbs costs 600 $ to 900 $. And if you want some of the prime manufactured lightest folding bikes – weighing less than 15 lbs – than the price reaches somewhere around 2000 dollars.

A super-light foldable bike which costs you more – stands out from the rest of the others. The bike is very fast (certainly faster than other heavy weight bikes), offers good handling, and is decked with Shimano and other branded bike accessories which comes with at least 3-5 years manufacturers warranty.

Qualisports Volador - A 2000 $ Lightweight Folding Bike
Qualisports Volador – A 2000 $ Lightweight Folding Bike

And these are some of the many advantages that a good light weighing foldable bike offers.

Why is Bike Weight so Important?

Bikes weight is very important. And if you are out – searching for some good folding bikes or some quality electric bikes then check the bike’s weight before analyzing other specifications.

The performance of the bike and your riding experience depends a lot on your bike’s weight. Even a pound or two, especially in critical areas such as the wheels, either can make your bike riding experience pleasurable or can make it completely painful.

Your rides distance does not matter – if we are talking about weight. A pound light bike – feels like heaven in your arms – even if you just have to cross a terminal and catch a bus. And if your journey mostly consists longer rides – then even grams of weight matter.

Dahon Vybe D7 - Globally Famous as the lightest folding bike
Dahon Vybe D7 – Globally Famous as the lightest folding bike

More the weight – lesser you will ride or carry your bike. And the same is vice versa – lesser the weight will result in more of your time which you will serve on your bike

If you possess old bulky iron bikes – then maybe it’s high time to retire the old ones and buy yourself some of the lightest folding bikes available in the market.

Benefits of Buying a Lightest Folding Bike

There are some important health and economic benefits of buying a lightweight folding bike. And because of these benefits an upward curve is observed in the sales of a light folding bike. A lot of commuters are opting for a lightweight foldable bike and investing in it for following reasons.

Durability and Performance

A lightweight folding bike is engineered with a lot of precision. The frame and other parts are chose to be less in weight but sturdy and hard.

If lighter frames are not sturdy then there is an increased risks of the bike and the rider both getting damaged in crashes and falls. To avoid this – lighter elements like Aluminum and Duralium are used for Light weight folding bikes frames.

Aluminum bikes and Duralium Bikes are very durable. Because both elements are very hard – the bike is protected from friction and abrasion too. 5 to 7 years is the minimum expected life of an aluminum bike.

Downtube Nova - A quality high performance bike
Downtube Nova – A quality high performance bike

Some believe that compact sizes and lighter weights of the bikes results in poor quality. But this is an all together a misconception. In reality today these bikes are the ones – on which a lot of researches are done. To enhance their durability and performance.

Top brands have a reputation to maintain. Their reputation is important for their market position. Lightweight folding bikes by these top notch manufacturers are the ones to look for if you want durable and high performance bikes.


Prime reason behind buying a light folding bike is – portability. Lesser the weight and the size – more portable the bike becomes.

Most of the professions demand multi modal commuting to reach the work place. Especially if you are living in Urban Cities – then public transport becomes the most convenient and cost friendly option.

Even if your journeys include a lot of recreational zones – portability is must. You want to be hands free as much as possible. A folding bike becomes again the most suitable option. You can keep it inside you car’s truck and carry it to your recreational zone and use the bike for fun riding.

Small folding Bikes are the most portable ones
Small folding Bikes are the most portable ones

You may have a comforting, enjoyable experience of riding a folding bike any time and at any place. Portability of some of the lightest folding bikes – enables you to conveniently consider your bike as a partner in your travel.

Cost Effective

A lightweight folding bike does not just saves time – but also saves you a lot of dollars. You are never going to carry a standing bike on buses and trains – and to reach public transport services you will use taxis or an Uber. But you will definitely carry a light weight bike – which will save you the transportation expense.

You can also ride to your work place – an not use public or private transportation at all. A light weight electric folding bike is a perfect solution for long distance commuting. We will discuss more on light weight electricity operated folding bikes later.

Some argue that a lightweight folding bike – electric or non electric – costs more than a custom road bike or mountain bike. And honestly – a lightweight folding bike does costs more. But its cost effectiveness depends on its usage.

A lightweight folding bike is used more than a standing bike
A lightweight folding bike is used more than a standing bike

You are not going to use a standing bike – as much as you are going to use a lightweight foldable bike. And the more you use the bike – more dollars you save in comparison to a fuel operated car or two wheeler – especially if it is an electric folding lightweight bike.

So even if you spend some extra dollars initially in the purchase of a light foldable bike – eventually you save more as you use the bike more.


Urbanization has left us with shrinking living patterns. You want to utilize every inch of your purchased or rented flat. And in these conditions – a lightweight folding bike is the best solution.

People living in small apartments, especially college going students who are paying for their rooms – find it really difficult to accommodate standing road bikes in their already cramped rooms. They find for small foldable bikes which do not occupy a lot of their living area.

And storing a lightweight foldable bike is not an issue at all. It may easily fit into a modest space or corner. We have come across some of the lightest folding bikes being hanged in the walls – serving as a decorative wall piece when not used on the roads!

A lightweight folding bike can be mounted on a wall
A lightweight folding bike can be mounted on a wall

Health Effective

Riding bikes are good for health. Daily cycling will change your life for better. It is not only the cheapest means of transportation but also improves health and quality of life. And this is no new information we are serving you with. But possessing a lightweight foldable bike is better for your health than having a traditional road bike.

There is no extra mechanism in Lightweight foldable bikes which make them a healthier option. They are more healthy for you – is because of its increased usage over standing road bikes.

According to some statistics – some of the lightest folding bikes – are used 30 to 40 percent more than a non foldable heavy weight bike. And a lightweight folding bike is preferred 70 percent more over traditional standing bikes – for health improvement rides.

This again makes these folding light weight bikes more economic. You save a lot on medical bills. So whatever extra dollars you pay to possess a lightest folding bike for yourself – you are actually investing in it – and the investment will return its favors.

Downtube Nova - Mostly preferred by Health Enthusiasts
Downtube Nova – Mostly preferred by Health Enthusiasts

Speed – Does Bike Weight Matter

There is a lot of misconception among the riders community that sometimes lightweight folding bikes are slower. Lightweight folding bikes are comparatively very fast than other traditional road bikes or mountain bikes.

The lighter bike will climb faster if you put out the same power. Their speed is affected by two phenomena.

Firstly lesser the weight – less muscular force the bike needs to propel forward. So the more force you exert – faster the bike moves.

Secondly drag or air resistance on any object depends on its weight. More the weight – more the air resistance. This reduces the resultant force of a heavy weight bike. As lightweight bikes are lesser in mass – air resistance is decreased.

Dahon Mariner at cruising speeds
Dahon Mariner at cruising speeds

Nowadays a lot many light weight bikes have streamlined bodies – which again increases their speeds.

There is an experimental measurement of the weight and its affect on bikes – on . According to the experiment a bikes weight is indirectly proportional to the speed. And every added pound in the bike’s weight slows the bike with half a percent.

So if the bike is 10 pounds heavier than other lightweight bikes – it will be 4 percent slower. This is when you are riding on normal plains.

On a hilly loop the percentage of your speed loss increases further. You loose 2 percent of speed for every 3 added pounds. And this loss affects a lot –

– Especially if you are riding a heavy weight electric bike. And electric fuel wastage and the battery getting drained out is your prime worry. On some good lightweight electric folding bikes – you are not going to face this problem.

No Parking Problems

The biggest liability that comes with any commuting mode is a parking ticket. Even if you have a non folding standing bike – you have to find a parking spot. And this makes many commuters resist from buying bikes.

Another reason is the increased amount of theft from parking zones. Bikes become an easy catch. You park your bike – and return only to find that the bike has been stolen.

A folding lightweight bike – is again the best solution. It is the only commuting mode on the globe which does not require a parking place. After reaching the destination – you have to fold the bike and carry the folder along with you.

You can put the folder under your desk when you arrive at work. Or you can just hang it on the wall – as a decorative art piece.

And no parking means no parking expenses. On an average a single American Cyclist spends around 30 – 40 dollars every half year on parking tickets. A lightweight foldable bike – might cost some dollars extra – but as we discussed earlier – that in reality the foldable bike is an investment.

Possessing a lightweight folding bike delivers multiple significant benefits. Below we have reviewed best models for some of the lightest folding bikes.

Dahon and Brompton Bikes - You done need a parking spot
Dahon and Brompton Bikes – You done need a parking spot

Right now, these bike are available for sale on Amazon. And all these bikes have a lot of positive consumer reviews – some of which are displayed on this post itself. Check the reviews and customer comments and click on the links to know more about these light weight folding bikes.

If you need an even better option – cost – speed and convenience wise – then go for an lightweight electric folding bike.

Things to look before buying A Lightweight Folding Bike

Lightweight folding bikes are expensive. They are an investment for the buyer. And hence you need to do a thorough research before buying one. So that the bicycle model you pick that fits all of your needs and budget in the best possible way.


Analyze a bike’s features and specifications carefully before buying. You need to check the bike’s design, colors available, weight, key features and price.

Look at the frame of the bike – whether it is aluminum or cast iron. Simultaneously look at the tires and the gear system. If the bike is using all branded parts then it should fall in a 500 to 700 dollars range.

And importantly if you are buying an electric lightweight folding bike then look for the battery and motor wattage. A good lightweight electric folding bike – should at least have a 750 watts motor and a lithium ion battery.

Schwinn Adapt - Lightweight Folding Bike Having quality parts
Schwinn Adapt – Lightweight Folding Bike Having quality parts

Select the genus of the bike too – that is whether you want a road bike or a mountain bike. Both road bikes and mountain bikes have lightweight folding models. Generally a lot of consumers prefer a hybrid bike – which can be used on roads and even on hilly mountains. Below we have reviewed lightweight folding hybrid bikes too – so you can check some of the bikes there.


Lightweight foldable bikes are available at a wide range of dollars. You will get some folding bikes at less than 200 dollars like Columba Folding Bikes. At the same time there are folding bikes – priced at 2000 dollars.

So the first important thing while you check out lightweight foldable bicycles is your budget. Fix a budget and then choose within that range. This will narrow down your choices and you will be able to focus on a selected few.

If you go wandering without any fixed budget – you will end up spending more dollars than you can afford for the bicycle.

Below we have provided reviews for lightweight folding bicycles ranging from 200 to 2000 dollars. You can choose one from the reviews provided below.

Dahon Vybe D7 - A quality budget bike
Dahon Vybe D7 – A quality budget bike

Purchase Period

Amazon and other websites have a sale period several times in an year. If you are in no hurry then wait for the appropriate time to purchase lightweight and folding bicycles. There is a likely chance to get these bikes at around 10 to 15 percent discounted price.

You can also purchase these bikes on important dates. For example on Christmas and on America’s Independence Day – there are huge discount offers.

We keep updating our website to notify our viewers about these offers so you can bookmark this page to know the appropriate time to buy some expensive lightweight foldable bikes at some good discounted price.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews hold a lot of value. They help you figure out what other people think about a bike of your choice. And also let you know what problems or difficulties they face for a particular model.

If your selected bike has a lot of positive reviews and a vast majority of happy consumers then go for it. It must be an ideal choice and you will easily find spare parts of a popular mode!

Qualisports Volador - Having a strong happy customers base
Qualisports Volador – Having a strong happy customers base

Don’t go with a less selected model by the consumers. Because even the manufacturers then stop providing services to low sale models.

Best Lightweight Folding Bikes

Dahon Mariner D8

Dahon released its latest Mariner D8 in 2019. It comes after the successful model the Mariner D7. This bike holds the record for one of the lightest folding bike in the world – weighing less than 15 pounds.

Dahon Mariner D8 - Lightest Folding Bike
Dahon Mariner D8 – Lightest Folding Bike

Dahon Mariner D8 – has all the latest features and robust technological specifications of a Lightweight Folding Bike.

Dahon is known for manufacturing quality lightweight folding bikes at affordable prices. This model is four times cheaper than other lightweight bikes – offering same biking attributes.

Mariner D8 has a huge consumer base. Dahon sold over 10,000 Mariner D8s’ – in a month post its launch. Some of the best comments for this bike on Amazon are:

Mariner D8 is a super commuter bike and is best for multi modal urban transport. You can store this bike under a desk, bring it onto a crowded train, and fold and unfold it in seconds.

Below is a table showing all the specifications and features of Dahon Mariner D8:

Wheel Size20"
Weight12.59 kg (28lbs)
Folded Size 65 x 32 x 79cm (25" x 12" x 31")
Frame Smooth Riding and Stable Hi-Ten Steel Blades and Steerer
Handlepost Forged Alloy Radius Telescope w/ Fusion Technology, Adjustable
Drivetrain 8-Speed Shimano RD-M310 Rear Derailleur
Wheels 20" Lightweight Aluminum rims w/ Schwalbe Citizen 20" x 1.6"
Rider height 145-190cm
Max Rider Weight 105 kg (230 lb)
Top Tube Length 575mm
Seat Tube Length 260mm
Standover 590mm
Chainstay Length 400mm
BB Height 285mm

Dahon Mariner D8 is an opportunity buy. The bike last longing and fulfills all the requirements you need to look before buying A Lightweight Folding Bike.

Click on Dahon Mariner D8 – to go to the buying page.

Downtube 9FS Folding Bike

Downtube 9FS is a quality bike featuring all the best components. It is a flagship bike from Downtube.

Downtube like Dahon – is known for budget bikes. Almost all Downtube bikes fall under 400$ category – but this one is an exceptional model and costs 699$.

The bike is known for its 9 Speed Full Suspension system – for which even 699$ is not a very high price. The 9FS initials – stand for 9 Full Suspensions.

9FS - Downtube Lightweight Folding Bike
9FS – Downtube Lightweight Folding Bike

The Downtube 9FS is built up of top tier light aluminum frame. And the good part about the bike is it’s expandable frame. “The frame grows with you”. This makes 9FS a long lasting bike.

Secondly because of it’s expandable frame – it can be a perfect fit for a lot of your family members. Ranging from 12 years to 40 years – all body sizes can match the bikes height and ground clearance.

The 9FS from Downtube comes with a lot many accessories to make the ride a comfortable and an enjoyable one. The bike has

  • a front dérailleur braze (with cable routing),
  • disc brake tabs,
  • head tube bag interface,
  • pump interface,
  • kickstand mount,
  • two water bottle braze ons,
  • rack braze ons,
  • and a removable frame protector which acts as a kickstand when folded.

You must have not come across any good lightweight bike – which comes with these many equipment.

The front dérailleur braze on with cable routing makes the turning very easy. Ans the stock brake system makes stopping quite and easy.

The high end 9sp racing drive train and 130BCD cold forged cranks makes downhill and uphill riding super easy and convenient.

Downtube 9FS is available in Yellow and Black color – with yellow being the most preferred one by the consumers.

Downtube 9FS - Yellow Model
Downtube 9FS – Yellow Model

Lightweight Folding bikes with these features at least cost twice the price of a 9FS. So cost wise the feature packed 9FS Downtube is a steal at at 699$.

Other specifications and geometrical details of the bike are given in the table below:

FRAME Downtube Aluminum frame
ShockHLT-400-1 850B x100L
FORKHL Corp CH-190AMS 20" alloy suspension fork
HANDLEBARHL Corp. MTB-AL-153PP W:580 alloy
HANDLEBAR STEM HL Corp with QR for height adjustment
BAR ENDS Kalloy BE-21 alloy L:80mm
GRIPS Jie Li JL-311/312 110/80mm
SADDLEVelo VL-5006
SEAT POST HL Corp. SP-233 alloy 30.4x500mmL
CHAINWHEEL SOLID-242PP-F steel single 1/2"x3/32"*42T
CRANKProwheel 170mmL alloy
CHAINKMC Z9000, 1/2"x11/128"x116 links
TIRESKenda F:20"x 1.5" R:20"x1.75"
SPOKES & NIPPLES 14G*56 pcs,45#stainless braze nipples
RIMSHJC DA-17 alloy Double F:20"x1.50" 14Gx24H R:20"x1.50 32H CNC
R/DERAILLEUR Sun Race RDM97-LD ( Long cage )
BRAKE LEVERS Tektro RS392A, alloy levers w/alloy black clamp
BRAKETektro MINI-10 V-Brake 55MM shoes

You can go to the buying page by clicking at Dowbtube 9FS.

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