Mountain Bike vs Road Bike – Which Terrain to ride on?

“Mountain Bikes” and “Road Bikes” are two very popular and most diverse varieties in the whole Bikes World.

If you want the verdict early in the post on the raised question Mountain Bike vs. Road Bike, then the definite winner is a Mountain Bike.

Road Bikes are very common and Mountain Bikes are still catching up with US trends. Although before you click to buy a bike read this post.

There are innumerous benefits of Mountain Biking over Road Biking – and for this reason it is always preferable to buy a Mountain Bike. I have listed the most obvious one

Dual Use – A Mountain Bike can be used on roads, but a Road Bike can never be used on Mountains. Mountain Bikes are built very tough, with sturdy frames and powerful brakes and tires, whereas Road Bikes are not built to suit hard rugged terrains.

Health – Riding on Mountains is more than going to Gym. Your whole body gets a lot of exercising, including limbs, back, fore-legs and foot. No doubt Road Biking is also a good way for exercise but the better and the best is a ride on rough hilly surface.

Riding on the road improves your cardiovascular fitness. Mountain biking requires much more dynamic fitness – and incorporates many more muscle groups.

Note – It is very important to choose the right terrain for individuals who have cardiac or other health issues. A road trip on an E-bike should be mostly preferred rather than biking on hilly terrains or mountains.

Fresh Air – Hit hard by a week-full of work? Nothing and believe me nothing can give you a more relaxing weekend than a bike ride on Mountains. Nothing is more rejuvenating then fresh scented air hitting your face, in the midst of fresh air, beneath trees and chirping birds, your mind and senses will all soothe up. And the faster you ride, the experience gets more relaxing.

Me Time – Want some Me Time? The city commute and urban roads are filled with traffic. If you want a no-honky quite and solitude place, where you can reorganize your thoughts – go for mountain riding.

Adverse to this situation – you can even ask your real close ones to join you on a mountain drive, where you can bond even better.

Ride in Style – No matter who you are, there’s a type of mountain biking to suit your personality. You can ride Cross-Country, All-Mountain, Freeride, Enduro, Downhill, Lift-assisted and other adventurous styles. You can never imagine these on roads! Can you?

If you are looking for a mountain bike that is the best and is in economic range – go for the very popular Merax Finiss.

Click the link below to buy one.

Merax MS008700FAA Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a folding electric bike which you can carry in a van or a RV and ride it on mountains – go for the branded Cyrusher XF700. Click the link below to buy one.Cyrusher XF700 Folding Electric Bike 26 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bike Full Suspension Mountain Bike 36V 10.4AH Hidden Battery Shimano 21 Speeds Double Mechanical Disc Brake

Remember – An electric bike is the best fit when riding on mountains. And a foldable one is the just perfect!

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