Sondors Fold Review(A great electric bike for 2019)

Sondors Folding Bikes have stormed the internet. Sondors bikes are either the best folding bikes or the cheapest bikes in the market. Secondly they are know for their crisp and clean electrical and battery systems.

Sondors Fold X Review
Sondors Fold X – The bike which is reviewed in this article

You will find some spectacular customer comments for a Sondors Electric Bike Review. Sondors Electric Bike customers now hold the record for The Largest Electric Bike Community In The World!

Sondors Folding Electric Bike Review

Storm Sondors – The veteran entrepreneur has one of the hottest crowdfunding campaigns about folding bikes on the web. He is the creator of Sondors Bikes. He first took the electric bike community by surprise when he started crowdfunding for an electric bike as low as 500 dollars. Back then a bike so inexpensive was a technological and financial revolution. His goal was to build bikes which are super convenient and which can go with you where ever you go – A portable Sondors Folding Bike.

Storm Sondors has raised more than $3.6 million through crowdfunding to build an affordable electric bicycle. And for this – even today he holds a world record. When he started – his goal was of just $75,000.

Today Sondors has produced a list of Electric Bikes. Some of the very famous Sondors Electric Bikes are Sondors Fold X, Sondors Fold xs and Sondors Fold Sport. You can read Sondors Fold xs review and Sondors Fold Sport review on our website

Sondorn Fold Sport
Sondors Fold Sport and Sondors Fold X can be differentiated by the increased length.

All of the above listed Sondors Bikes have best reviews and thousands and millions of customers. You will see that several of the premium economic forums and websites like Business Insider and Los Angeles Times are now speaking about a Sondors Folding Bike because of its low cost and premium features.


One of the most popular Sondor folding bikes – is Sondors Fold X commonly known as Sondors Fold! It is known as “The Sondor Folding Bike with an Edge”. This bike is a sequel to the actual Sondors Fold – but as this rose to popularity it became knows as Sondors Fold itself.

We will summarize some of the very best features of the bike – early on.

The most surprising feature which actually makes it stand out is it very fast folding mechanism. You can actually fold a Sondors Fold X in 10 seconds!

The second feature which makes it a best seller is Sondors Fold X’s folding dimensions. It can be stowed in the minimum of the spaces. A Sondors Fold X’s folded dimensions are a surprising 39”L x 18”W x 29”H!

Other than the super fast folding mechanism and minimal folding dimensions – a Sondors Fold X is an affordable folding electric bike with clean integrated battery and motor design. Below is an in length review about this piece.

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Sondors Fold X Review
You can conveniently put a Sondors Fold X in the trunk of your car

Sondors Fold X

Height, size and other important measurements are covered in the illustration below for you. You can scroll down for Bike’s Parts Review.

Sondors Fold X Review
An info graph of Sondors Fold X with a rider, displaying important measurements

Sondors Fold X Motor Review

Sondors Fold X comes with a 500 watt motor. 500 watts is more than enough for a folding bike of this size. The bike can cruise along with no feeling of drag. You can easily ride the bike along coasts or sea shores, where air flow is maximum.

Sondors Fold X Review
You can ride a Sondors Fold X comfortably on beaches and shorelines

If you are buying a Sondors for your daily commute, then you actually don’t need more power than 500 watts. The motor can speed up the bike to a maximum of 20 miles per hour. And as a office or college bike this speed is enough. Sondors Fold X will actually get you there with quickness and style.

Although Sondors describe its motor capacity to offer extreme torque, towing capacity, and hill-climbing power it actually lacks as a fully equipped mountain bike. If you are looking for a fat tire cruise bike, or a mountain bike – then you need a more powerful motor. Check for an addmotor toretto or some 5000 watts electric bikes which are best and affordable. A 500 watt motor will only give you a mediocre experience in rising trails.

If you want this bike for both adventure and daily commuting purpose, then we would recommend you to upgrade its motor to a minimum of 1000 watts.

Sondors Fold X: the battery

Sondors Fold X has a 48V 14 Ah battery, that nearly doubles the range of its predecessor the original Sondors Fold. The battery is a lithium-ion one and can work on Panasonic, LG or Samsung cells.

The outstanding feature is the battery’s sleekness. It fits Sondors Fold X cylinder design – which is unique to the bike. It fits perfectly into the main section of tube which provides it protection from climate damages and keeps it locked even if the bike crashes. Even when it’s completely folded, the battery does not protrude out. 

Sondors Fold X Review
Batteries in most of the Sondors Bikes are placed inside the tube frame

An important aspect is battery’s weight. The battery is very lightweight in comparison to other electric bikes. All these features make the bike easy to fold and carry.

The battery can be charged on or off the bike. However, like other battery packs – Sondors Fold X battery does not display LED charge indicators. You can only know the battery percentage on the LCD Display panel. This means that if you are charging the battery externally – you will have to put it on time limit.

Along with this – there is another downside. The charger which comes with the battery is pretty basic. No fast charging port is included and for a full charge you will need around 8 full clock hours.

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Fold X’s 48V 14.0 Ah lithium-ion battery guarantees a long range. Along with electric pedal assist, the bike goes a maximum of 40 to 60 miles. However if you are using the bike without pedaling, then it can last you a maximum of 20 to 25 miles.

It should be noted that Electric Bikes’ Range Estimates varies according to the rider and the terrain on which the bike is mostly ridden. So the exact value of your bike’s mileage will be determined when you use the bike for some time.

Sondors Fold X: The 7-SPEED SHIFTER

What makes Sondors Fold X – a hill climber is not its motor – but Shimano 7 speed gear cassette with grip shifter. The bike has 5 levels of electrical pedal assistance, and along with this 7 manual gear shifters make it a very versatile model. More gears mean greater terrain adaptability and more command on range variation.

Mostly electric folding bikes does not include such heavy shifters and electric pedal assist together. The bikes go with one of these two features. So this is a huge advancement in Sondors Bikes.

With Sondors Fold X, you can either ride on full-electric power with a simple press of a thumb throttle, or you can choose to minimal-effort cycling with electric pedal assist. This makes the bike very favorable especially among youngsters – who look for powerful shifters for a better grip and control.

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Sondors Fold X Tires Review

Tires match the build of the bike. As this is a folding bike – so you cannot expect fat tires like in other Sondors Sport bikes. But the provided ones are strong and allow a better grip.

Sondors advertises the tires as “all terrain” tires. There is no doubt that the tires are sturdy and fat enough to move smoothly on pavement, sand, dirt or even snow. They measure 20 x 4.0 inches which is a respected size – taking the 500 watts motor into consideration.

However if you are an enthusiast cyclist and mostly ride on hard and rocky terrains them be prepared for some wear and tears.

Sondors Fold X Design

The video showcases Sondors Fold X’s design and other features

The first specific about any Sondors electric bike review is its design. All Sondors bike are designed a little artistically and mostly keeping male gender in mind. And Sondors Fold X is no exception.

Sondors claim that the whole frame and design in hand crafted. If we look at the the frame then there are a lot of positives. Firstly it is foldable and made of 100% forged aluminum. It is a one-size-fits-most frame which can accommodate average heights and weights. The frame just weighs 6 pounds which make the bike very light. The overall weight of the bike is just 50 pounds!

Other size specifications are:

  • Stand-over height 28”,
  • Min/Max seat height 32.75”- 41.75”,
  • Handlebar reach 23.43”,
  • Wheel to wheel unfolded length 66”
  • Unfolded handlebar width 26.5”.

The positive about a Sondors is that innovative styling never compensates for extreme performance. In fact the design and style enhances bike’s adaptability, portability and convenience – which is a very favorable feature for any mode of commute. The bike is designed in such a way that you can effortlessly fold it and carry it in a trunk of a car, or even carry it with you.

Available in three colors – Jet Black, Glossy White and Metallic Silver – the bike is a definite head turner. With Sondors Fold X you will never ride unnoticed – but you can easily fold it without any one noticing!

Sondors Fold X Review

Sondors Fold X LCD Screen Review

You can control your whole bike from the LCD screen. To enhance a touch screen and to increase the bike’s portability – is what Sondors has utilized most of the crowd funds for.

You can select levels of electric pedal assistance, your choice of torque, and other important speed features by simple clicks. In addition to these, the Fold X LCD screen provides a digital display about battery levels, your speed and your distance traveled.

Sondors Fold X Accessories

The bike does not come with any accessories, but the good thing is that you don’t need to put a lot of money in its accessories. The bike is made up of minimal equipment and every part guarantees quality.

However if the need arises then you will have to buy accessories from or any other online services. Locating Sondors Fold X accessories in shops might be a little difficult task

This is the original Sondors Fold X review – given by none other than Sondors Creator – Storm Sondors

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