Stowabike 26 inches City V2 Compact Folding Bike Review

Stowabike City V2 Compact Folding Bike MTB – the 26 inches stowabikes’ mountain bike is the most bought bike all over the globe. Check to get a glimpse of its popularity. You will find more than 500 customer reviews – and some real positive comments for the 26 inches fat tire bike.

Stowabike V2 26 inches
Stowabike V2 26 inches

With over a million pieces sold worldwide – the bike has made its position as an affordable mountain bike. Several websites rank Stowabike MTB in the top ten list for –

Stowabikes – advertise this as a Mountain bike – but in reality its a perfect hybrid bike. You can ride it perfectly well on roads for city commuting or to carry it to your workplace. And being a folding bike – makes it more useful to carry the bike along when using it within city roads.

Do not confuse Stowabike with Raleigh’s – Stowaway Bike. The manufacturer of this Stowabike MTB and Stowaway bike are different and both the products are distinct. The name is the reason of confusion to many.

And more importantly they both differ a lot in price. Although both – a Stowabike and a stow away bike falls under affordable MTB’s category.

Here is an in length review of the Stowabike MTB – after a detailed inspection on the bike and its parts in our garage at


Stowabike is actually a stow away and easy to carry bike. Generally mountain bikes are mostly folding bikes – but the folded size matters a lot.

You will get a good mountain bike at a fair price – but the problem comes if the folded size of the bike does not fit in your car’s or truck’s trunk. And mountain bikes are not meant to be used in recreational zones – which means you have to carry it along.

Stowabike’s size is as follows –

  • Folded dimensions: 38.2 x 12.6 x 29.5 inches
  • Full dimensions: 67.3 x 23.2 x 55.1 inches
Stowabike 26 inches V2 - Folding Bike
Stowabike 26 inches V2 – Folded

Folded Stowabike is almost half the size of a full standing Stowabike – which makes the bike very portable. You can carry the bike easily. And the bike is good for modal commuting as well – where you have to change a lot of commute modes.

However there might be a little issue with the weight of the bike. The bike is some what heavy and weighs 36 lbs. Some of the users have reported this problem. In comparison to other bikes like the Columba Folding Bike and Dahon Bikes – the bike was found to a bit heavy on the muscles

Columba Folding Bike
Columba Folding Bike

In reality a mountain bike tends to be heavy – to withstand wind force in high altitudes – but then the weight of the bike reduces its portability. If the weight does not bother you – and mostly you have to port the bike in other commuting modes – than carrying this bike is not really an issue.


The bike is made up of steel folding frame. Overall the frame is pretty solid and was able to withstand quite an amount of drag – while we put the bike on the roads. And as a Mountain bike – the real test for the frame lies in how well it performs against air flows. The folded steel was rust-proof too.

However – the components used in the bike are not premium ones. The brake levers are plastic made, and pedals and saddle also are of inferior quality. In a mountain bike – you can use a lot of plastics, as it reduces the weight and can be more prone to wear and tear in rough roads.

The frame hinge lock, and the bottom bracket are of mediocre quality. Dual suspensions performs well but we doubt if it can withstand 200-lbs riders as claimed by Stowabikes.

Stowabike 26 inches V2 - Derailleurs and Gears
Stowabike 26 inches V2 – Derailleurs, Gears, Chain and other accessories

Stowabike has 18 speed shimano derailleurs and gears. The bike also features 3-speed left grip shifter and a 6-speed right grip shifter. The shifters and gears are of very good quality enabling the bike to shift seamlessly.

The tires are durable – although they are not Kenda or any premium brand tires. Even the wheel rim is steel – and rust free.

In terms of looks and craftsmanship – the bike scores high. It stands to the looks of a Mountain bike – featuring a sporty body. This makes it popular as a college bike too.

Stowabike V2 is only available in white and black color variants. Black mostly goes with men – and women are left with only the white color bike. Assuming it’s low price – it would have been better if more color variants were introduced like in Stowabike V1 and V3.

Stowabike 26 inches V2 - Seat Post
Stowabike 26 inches V2 – Seat Post

We recommend to buy the bike and do some modifications – so that the bike performs more than average. You also need to do some adjustments on important parts like wheels, brakes and derailleurs and then you can hit the roads.


The affordability of the Stowabike is one of the most dominant reason for its high sales. This bike might be one of the cheapest bike all over the globe.

Generally a road bike – or a folding bike costs more than 200 dollars. An average MTB or a Mountain bike is in the 500 dollars range. And Stowabike being an MTB costs you around 150 dollars.

The good thing about the price and a Stowabike is that – you don’t get a crap if you buy a folding MTB in such a meager price. Although you don’t get a premium built mountain bike – but still the Stowabike performs. And performs not just like a bike – but like an average mountain bike.

Stowabike 26 inches V2 - Best Affordable MTB
Stowabike 26 inches V2 – Best Affordable MTB

You will have to make peace with some inferior quality parts – but you cannot expect to get a Maybach at the price of a Mini. Even if you replace some of the inferior components of the bike – the bike will cost you somewhere around 200 dollars. And a 200 dollar mountain bike – modified to your choices – is a fair deal.

Amazon offers a lot of deals on this bike. Click on Stowabike 20 inches V2 – to check the final price of the bike.

Universal Consumer Base

Stowabike 26 inches is a hybrid bike as discussed earlier in the post. It can be used for both – as a mountain bike and as road bike. And hybrid bikes are in demand – because it can be multi functional.

Maintaining two bikes – a mountain bike and a road bike – is always heavy on pockets. So consumers always prefer a two in one use bike. Which serves them in the weekdays for office and city commuting, and even on weekends for recreational trips.

Secondly as Stowabike V2 can be folded into a very compact size – it is preferred by men and women alike. Women generally prefer folding bikes – because if the bike is not in use – then it can be stowed away.

Stowabike 26 inches V2 - Best Women and Men Bike
Stowabike 26 inches V2 – Best Women and Men Bike

A lot of women and college going students – opt for Stowabike V2 – for its low price. You are getting a mountain and road bike in around 130 dollars. And hence for a start to biking – this bike is ideal bike for women and youngsters. You can learn biking even if it breaks the bike – and again buy another one!

Even if you keep V2 as an additional bike – along with a premium one – it will not be a very expensive investment. It can be used as an – in need – bike, when your premium bike is engaged.

Most importantly – Stowabike V2 is preferred as a gift item. Especially a lot of parents gift this hybrid bike to their young ones – who are starting their college life or are in high schools. As it does not cost a lot and can be used for modal commuting – it becomes a perfect choice for them.

Stowabike V2 Specifications & Features

  • Folded dimensions: 38.2 x 12.6 x 29.5 inches
  • Full dimensions: 67.3 x 23.2 x 55.1 inches
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Speeds: 6
  • Frame: steel folding frame
  • Fork: suspension steel fork
  • Shock: alloy body spring shock
  • Chain: KMC C30
  • Left Shifter: 3-speed grip shifter
  • Right Shifter: 6-speed grip shifter
  • Front Derailleur: Sunrun FD-QD-35
  • Rear Derailleur: Sunrun RD-HG-03
  • Pedals: NECO WP-391
  • Brakes: steel V-brakes
  • Rims: Single wall alloy
  • Tires: Wanda 26 x 1.95″
  • Handlebar: steel handlebar with steel stem
  • Grips: Black rubber
  • Kickstand: steel kickstand
  • Weight: 38.5lbs
  • Speeds / Gears: 18
  • Wheel Size: 26″
  • Max Rider Weight: 280lbs (140kg)
Click on Stowabike V2 26 inches to learn more about the bike.

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